Saturday, June 12, 2021

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Scientists have connected the human brain to a wireless computer

According to British media reports, Lee Hutchberg, an engineering professor at Brown University and head of the...

Robots will kill germs in Swiss planes

Robots equipped with ultraviolet radiation will disinfect Swiss aircraft. Corona has caused irreparable damage to many industries around the...

Online classes pose a threat to children’s mental health: Research

Research by a US agency has revealed that taking online classes during the global epidemic has negative effects on the mental health...

124 more ventilators to Punjab hospitals

As the number of critically ill patients of Coronavirus increased in Punjab, NDMA provided 124 more ventilators to Punjab hospitals.

Taking tea or coffee before exercise dissolves more fat: research

Scientists in Spain have discovered that if tea, coffee, or any other caffeinated food is consumed half an hour before exercise, the...

TVs and smartphones are enemies of young children’s mental health: Research

After a lengthy study in Finland, experts warn that young children who watch cartoons on TV, smartphones, and tablets for long periods...

Preparation of tear glands in the laboratory

For the first time in the laboratory, Dutch scientists have 'cultivated' glands that cause tears in the eyes. It...

The first AI device to reveal corona’s hidden signs

Along with the development of the fastest vaccine, several technologies related to the coronavirus have been developed, including laboratory-developed monoclonal antibodies, rapid...

The use of aspirin is extremely helpful for corona patients

Another benefit of aspirin, a magical drug used for over a century, has been shown to coronavirus patients. Research...

Effect of Exercise on Child During Pregnancy

What is the relationship between maternal exercise and children's health during pregnancy? Exercising during pregnancy reduces the risk of...



Ten Things Needed for a Smart City

Technology has changed the way of our lives, and smart city technology is about to modify that even more.