Tuesday, September 21, 2021


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Laser stove; Makes Cooking is Much Easier

With the help of technology, human life continues to be facilitated, and now thanks to this innovation, a laser stove is being...

The 2021 Honda City will be Available in 2022

Honda City did not even come to the market. What if the 2021 model was found in April 2022?

Toyota Corolla is Introducing New Model in Pakistan Very Soon

Toyota has sold a record 50 million units of Corolla worldwide. On this occasion, Toyota Pakistan has launched a...

YouTube Offers Another Way to Earn Money

Hundreds of podcasts are uploaded to YouTube every second, but now YouTube has officially released its podcast so that a large number...

Punjab Government Will built Digital Bus Stops

The plan to set up digital bus stops has been drafted by the Punjab Government. The passengers will get...

Details of RealMe’s New Flagship GT New Two Leaked

RealMe's new flagship phone GT New 2 is being introduced on September 22. The company has already confirmed that...

Another Great Feature Added to Google Mate

Good news for you if you use Google Mate for video conferencing. You will soon be able to see...

OnePlus Announces not to Introduce 9T This Year

OnePlus has decided not to introduce a new T-series phone this year. The company introduces the T-Series phones in...

In China, Children are Banned from Using TikTok for More Than 40 Minutes

China continues to take steps to curb Internet addiction in children, and a major decision has been made on ticking after limiting...

Apple’s “Ted Lasso” makes History by Winning 11 Emmy Awards

By Apple “Ted Lasso” was honored with seven awards as Apple TV+ earns 11 Emmy Awards across five...



Effect of Exercise on Child During Pregnancy

What is the relationship between maternal exercise and children's health during pregnancy? Exercising during pregnancy reduces the risk of...