Monday, November 29, 2021


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What is the best-selling smartphone of the year 2021?

Xiaomi and Samsung are among the two largest smartphone companies in the world, whose devices are the most purchased worldwide.

Changan Increases the Prices of its Vehicles in Pakistan

Several car manufacturers in Pakistan have increased the prices of their vehicles in the last few weeks and the new name is...

LUCID Becomes the world’s first car to cover a distance of 852 km in...

Lucid Motors, launched from Silicon Valley, USA, caused a stir. In just one month, Elucid Motor became the world's first car to...

Punjab Becomes Pakistan’s First Polio-Free Province

Video credit goes to the Dawn Media group.

Child From Afghanistan Met With Governor of Paktika to Tell his Problem

He is a small child from the Paktika province of Afghanistan who arrived at the governor's office of Paktika with a smile...

STR for the e-transfer system will not be abolished under any circumstances: Murad Raas

Punjab Chief Minister Murad Raas's important tweet regarding the transfer of teachers under the Student-Teacher Ratio (STR) STR requirement...

PCAA introduces an app for reporting onboard travel issues and accidents

The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) has introduced an app for identifying and reporting problems, accidents, and other incidents during the voyage.

Saudi Arabia has announced the construction of an amazing city OXAGON

Saudi Arabia has announced the construction of an amazing city OXAGON in the near future which will be part of the NEOM...

China has become officially the world richest country

China has overtaken the United States to become the richest country in the world. According to the American magazine...

What are the most-watched shows on Netflix in Pakistan?

Streaming service Netflix has introduced a new ranking website aimed at informing consumers about the most popular TV shows or movies in...



Facebook’s unique device that transforms any space into a smart display

Facebook is working on a wearable wrist sensor that will allow you to type at any level with a single click.