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Who is General Asim Munir? Complete Information

Syed Asim Munir is a graduate of the Mangla Officers Training School’s 17th class. He received a commission in the Frontier Force Regiment’s 23rd Battalion.

Four-star general General Syed Asim Munir Ahmed Shah HI(M). He is now the Pakistan Army’s quartermaster general and, as the government stated, now the Chief of Army Staff.

In Gujranwala, he oversaw the XXX Corps (Pakistan) from 17 June 2019 to 6 October 2021. He was the ISI’s 23rd Director-General until Lt. Gen. Faiz Hameed succeeded him on June 16, 2019.

 Additionally, he wields the Sword of Honor. On November 24, 2022, Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif announced his appointment as the Chief of Army Staff for a three-year term.

Syed Asim Munir is a graduate of the Mangla Officers Training School’s 17th class. He received a commission in the Frontier Force Regiment’s 23rd Battalion.

In September 2018, he received a promotion to Lieutenant General, and he was then named DG ISI. He had previously been the military intelligence branch’s director general.

In March 2018, he received the Hilal-i-Imtiaz award. He had previously been in charge of the troops stationed in Pakistan’s northern regions.

 Lt. Gen. Faiz Hameed took over from Munir as the new DG ISI in June 2019. In Gujranwala, Munir was transferred and given the position of Corps Commander of the XXX Corps.

General Asim Munir, the designated chief of the Pakistan Army, has an excellent professional career. Lieutenant General Asim Munir commanded the Corps and headed the ISI and Military Intelligence. Lt. Gen. Asim Munir completed his training at the Officers Training School.

Lt. Gen. Asim Munir received a commission in the Frontier Force Regiment of the Pakistan Army. Lieutenant General Asim Munir was appointed as the Commander of Force Command Northern Area in 2014.

Lt Gen Asim Munir was appointed DG of Military Intelligence in 2017. Lt Gen Asim was appointed DGISI in October 2018. Lt Gen Asim Munir was appointed as Corps Commander Gujranwala in June 2019.

Lt Gen Asim Munir is serving as Quartermaster General at GHQ since October 2021. Lt. Gen. Asim Munir is a Hafiz Quran reciter and was also awarded an honorary sword during training.

Awards and Decorations

He got the following decorations and awards as under.

  1. Hila-e-Imtiaz in 2018
  2. Tamgha-e-Istaqlal Pakistan 2022
  3. Tamgha-e-Diffa
  4. Tamgha-e-Baqa 1998
  5. Tamgha-e-Istaqlal Pakistan 2022
  6. Tamgha-e-Azm 2002
  7. 10 Years Service Medal
  8. 20 Years Service Medal
  9. 30 Years Service Medal
  10. 35 Years Service Medal
  11. Jamhuriat Tamgha 1988
  12. Qarardad-e-Pakistan Tamgha 1990
  13. Tamgha-e-Salgirah Pakistan 1997
  14. Command & Staff College Quetta
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