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How to Earn Money From Facebook Stars in Pakistan? Learn and Earn

Although the world’s most popular website Facebook started earning money for content creators through ‘Stars’ two years ago, it has now been introduced in Pakistan as well.

Millions of content creators are available on social media and people appreciate them for their value creation. Thousands of people are available on Facebook in Pakistan. They used Facebook as a source of entertainment previously. But now they can make Facebook a source of income. Facebook has added a new feature to provide opportunities for creators to earn money.

These stars make you able to earn money through video content. Viewers can buy stars and then send them into the comments section to support the content creator. The content creator can get 1 cent from every star.

When did Facebook Introduce Stars in Pakistan?

Although the world’s most popular website Facebook started earning money for content creators through ‘Stars’ two years ago, it has now been introduced in Pakistan as well.

Initially, ‘Facebook Stars’ was introduced in America and later in European countries, but later it was announced to be introduced in many countries including Pakistan.

And now a few weeks ago, after the ‘Professional Mode’ was made public in Pakistan, the features of ‘Facebook Stars’ were also made public, through which ordinary people can also earn money.

What are Facebook Stars?

Facebook Stars are actually a digital currency that will automatically appear on users’ Reels, short videos, and posts.

When stars appear, other users will buy said stars for money and later give them to the content creator by clicking on the star icon that appears on any content creator’s reels or posts.

After users give stars to the content creator, Facebook will pay the creator a quarter of a dollar for each star, which means Pakistani rupees 50 to 70.

Who are eligible for Facebook Stars?

Not all Facebook account holders are eligible for stars, but those who have more than 6,000 followers and are active will be eligible for this feature.

Although anyone with 6,000 followers will be eligible for the stars feature, many of their videos and posts are likely to be unstarred under Facebook’s automatic feature.

Because under the above-mentioned feature, Facebook will apparently give more stars to content creators who make creative videos like Tik Tok.

Pakistan is among the eligible countries for Facebook Stars and users here can apply for it.

How to Apply for Facebook Stars?

To apply this feature, users first have to change their account to ‘Professional Mode’ and for this users can change their profile to professional by going to the three-dot menu on their profile with edit settings.

Similarly, users can switch their accounts back to their normal profiles whenever they want.

After switching to professional mode, the stars feature can be turned on by going to ‘View Tools’.

To turn on the Stars feature, the user will also have to provide their home or office address, phone number, fax number, email address, and other information and sign an online consent form.

The user will also have to provide his IBN account number, after which the star feature will be turned on on the user’s account and he will also receive the notification.

How can a common user easily earn money from Facebook Stars?

That’s a question that no one clearly knows the answer to since Facebook itself won’t be paying any content creators under the Stars feature.

That is, the way money can be earned by watching videos on YouTube, currently, such money cannot be earned in the form of stars on Facebook.

However, it is believed that going forward Facebook will provide money to creators based on views, likes, and shares, but it is too early to say anything in this regard.

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