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Who will be the New Army Chief of Pakistan Army? Kniow Here

Who will be the New Army Chief of Pakistan Army? Kniow Here

Who will be the new Army Chief of the Pakistan Army is a billion-dollar question. These days, The Appointment of a new Army Chief has become a gigantic task for the authorities. Many names are roaming but the final one is an allusion.

Defense Minister Khawaja Asif has said that the Prime Minister’s letter regarding the appointment of the Army Chief has been received by the Ministry of Defense and sent to GHQ, now the appointment process will be completed in a day or two or three days.

Speaking in the National Assembly, Federal Minister for Defense Khawaja Asif said that there is excitement, the appointment process that has started today has been created.

They said that Imran Khan has gone mad for his power or separation of power and grief, with these tactics he is harming the unity of the country and the nation, harming the honor and respect of institutions.

He said that the same institutions had unconditionally cooperated with him for 4 years, yet they could not do anything and they should be ashamed if they have left poverty, unemployment, and inflation in the country.

Khawaja Asif said that a member of the PTI assembly said that when we asked him for development funds for the constituency or said something about the economy, he used to say that it does not get votes, you just call him a thief.

He said that this is his philosophy has come to Pindi on 26th to announce dharna, and technology has advanced, his worker is roaming on the GT road every day and he himself addresses it online.

He said that today the Ministry of Defense received the Prime Minister’s letter and that letter has been sent to the GHQ, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow in one or two days or three days this process will be completed and after that two hands will be done.

He said that our establishment has captured the government 4 times and has ruled directly for 37 years and is standing here today because of these rules, followed by indirect rule.

Khawaja Asif said that today we are standing at such a juncture, look at the details of FBR how many people pay taxes, Pakistan is the only country where markets are open till 12 midnight even though the electricity is not complete.

He said that nowadays there is only one problem and there is no problem, army chiefs have come and gone many times in this country, there is a transfer which happens every three years or sometimes late but this excitement at a time when economically we are weak so it is not better to raise.

He said that we are trying to pass this phase soon so that we can move towards stability, but we request the House not to create excitement, because if we look back over the 6th and 7th decades, Pakistan has lost nothing, not found anything. In the decade of 1990s, there was modesty and tolerance politically, but why did these traditions end, everything has become commercial here.

The Defense Minister said that it is hoped that in the next two or three days we will complete this process and I am sure that as the predictions and names are being taken and expected, the Prime Minister is of the coalition government and the President is of the PTI. But if they sit down, they will think about the country.

He said that this is the appointment of the chief of the forces of Pakistan, the appointment of the chief of 6 to 7 lakh forces and they are openly declaring that we have neutralized ourselves, so let us politicians give us a chance to do this. Fulfill the promise and they fulfill their duty.

Khawaja Asif said that I was asked whether you and Pindi are on the same page, so I replied that the page is only about the constitution and law and there is no other page.

He said that like Imran Khan, this is not a page of interests, there is only a page of constitution and law and we are one in it and all institutions have to be one in this page, whether it is the judiciary, the history of the judiciary too. Not to be proud of and there are moments that are better not to be remembered.

He said that until all the institutions are on the same page and that page is not the page of interests but the page of the constitution and the law, there will be no development, so all the institutions should come on the same page and we have enough resources to develop.

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