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Why TikTok Deleted Videos in Pakistan 2022?

TikTok said that 96 percent of videos that violated community guidelines were deleted.

According to the short video sharing application TikTok, more than 12.4 million inappropriate videos were deleted from the application in the first quarter of this year i.e. from January to March in Pakistan.

A statement released by TikTok said that 96 percent of videos that violated community guidelines were deleted before they were viewed by anyone, while 97 percent of videos were deleted after 24 hours.

According to the statement, after deleting a record number of videos in the first quarter of the year, Pakistan came second in the list of inappropriate video deletions, which means Pakistan has the highest number of deleted videos in the world after the United States.

The report said that in Pakistan, about 97 percent of videos violating community guidelines were deleted before being viewed even once, while about 98 percent of videos were deleted after being viewed a few times.

According to the report, deleted videos were assessed for violations of community guidelines based on the comments on the videos and automated features.

The report stated that like Pakistan, videos containing violation of community guidelines were deleted in other countries of the world, and the most videos were deleted in the United States, with a number of more than 14 million and the second number. But Pakistan remained where more than 1 crore 24 lakh videos were deleted.

According to TikTok, in the first quarter of 2022, a total of more than 102.5 million videos were deleted from around the world, which was one percent of all videos uploaded on the application.

The report also stated that TikTok deleted thousands of videos based on false information regarding the Russia-Ukraine conflict, while around 50 accounts of Russian organizations were also disabled.

In a statement issued by the application management, it was also mentioned that the ads that violated the community guidelines were also removed from the app and to ensure the delivery of better and useful content to the world.

Tik Tok has started deleting videos for some time now, the said app is facing criticism all over the world including Pakistan and USA due to inappropriate, violent and obscene videos.

Tik Tok has been banned several times in various countries due to misinformation, inappropriate, violent and obscene content and has also been banned in Pakistan several times.

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