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What is Google’s earthquake alert system and how it work to advise you?

Google’s earthquake alert system introduced in Pakistan

The internet technology company ‘Google’ introduced an ‘alert system’ to give timely information about natural disasters and especially earthquakes in Pakistan like in other countries of the world. Google initially introduced the earthquake alert system feature two years ago, which currently works in dozens of countries around the world.

And now the same feature has been introduced by Google in Pakistan and now Pakistani users will be able to keep track of the above alert on Android phones.

What is an alert system and how does it work?

Google’s alert system is not an application, but this alert itself will appear as a message on phones with the Android operating system. This alert system will work exactly like when a message is received.

The alert system will send text message alerts to Android operating system phones, informing the user about the earthquake.

According to the statement issued by Google, the above feature will inform users about two types of alerts.

At the time of the earthquake, the above-mentioned feature will inform the users about (Be Aware) and (The modified Mercalli intensity scale).

The above-mentioned feature will send an alert message to the users when an earthquake of magnitude 4.5 or up to magnitude 4 occurs near it.

At the same time, Google Alert will also offer suggestions to users to deal with an earthquake, i.e. Google’s automatic safety system will advise people on what they should do in the said situation.

In such a situation, the Google Safety feature usually advises people to move away from that place or to ensure their safety there.

How will the alert feature work on mobile?

Google said the above feature will work through parts called ‘accelerometers’ already present in mobile phones.

This component installed inside the mobile phones monitors the movement of the mobile phone ie this component monitors how the user is holding the mobile and how to display the screen.

Just as the ‘accelerometer’ monitors the movement of the mobile, this component will also identify the earthquake around it with the help of Android supporting features and send an earthquake alert to the user.

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