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Video of a Teacher Beating a Student Gets Viral

A video of a child beaten by a teacher in India got viral on social media.

Child unconscious due to the beating of coaching teacher in Patna; by beating the stick broke into pieces. A 5-year-old student was brutally beaten up by a teacher in Patna.

 Its video surfaced a day back. For not studying in the coaching class, the teacher first hit the child with a stick. When the stick broke while beating, it turned and hit it from the other side.

After this, he kicked and punches the boy. During the beating, the child fell to the ground, but the teacher’s heart did not sweat.

He kept beating her continuously with kicks, punches, and slaps. During this, the child kept on screaming and pleading to leave. But the teacher did not agree, he hit so much that the child became unconscious.

This case is of Jaya Classes Coaching Institute of Veer Oriyara of Dhanrua in Patna, the capital of Bihar. Where the innocent has been brutally beaten up by a teacher. Presently the child’s treatment is going on in the local hospital.

People beat up the accused teacher

As soon as the information about the child’s unconsciousness was received, the angry villagers beat up the coaching teacher Chotu. After watching the video, the children and parents of the entire locality studying in that coaching are in a panic.

It is said that in Jaya Public School, Veer Oriyara, Dhanrua, preparations are made for admission to Navodaya, Netarhat, and Sainik Schools by giving tuition to children under Jaya Classes.

Coaching director Amarkant Kumar told that the teacher has a problem with BP. Due to their BP being high, he beat the child so mercilessly.

Vikas Kumar, principal of Jaya Public School, Dhanrua, said that a teacher named Chotu teaches in our coaching institute. He had blood pressure disease. What he did is completely wrong. The teacher who beat up has been thrown out of School. The child is being treated in the hospital.

Accused teacher absconding- police

In this case, the Dhanrua police station in-charge told that he has received information about the video going viral. During the investigation, it became clear that the video is from Saturday. Where the child has been beaten up in coaching. The station in charge said that at present, the teacher has left the coaching and absconded.

No blood pressure, beaten intentionally

Physician doctor Rana SP Singh of Patna told that when a person gets angry after increasing blood pressure, his hands and feet start trembling. So there is no question of thrashing or killing anyone. If the teacher has beaten up then it is his insolence.

Most working people have such problems, but such incidents do not happen. In this incident the teacher is arbitrary, if he is making excuses for BP then it is wrong. Nothing to do with BP. This can be called the domination of the teacher.

The teacher suffers from a mood disorder

Patna-based psychiatrist Dr. Vivek Vishal said that in such an incident, there is often a case of mood disorder. Teachers can also fall victim to this incident.

In such a situation, if BP is being talked about then it is wrong. He is being saved by telling the teacher that the BP is increasing. This will be in the habit of the teacher.

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