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Why Do Tesla Deliveries Fall by 20% in Second-Quarter?

In the second quarter, Tesla shipped 254,695 electric vehicles worldwide

In the second quarter, Tesla shipped 254,695 electric vehicles worldwide, a nearly 18% decrease from the first quarter as the firm struggled with supply chain issues, China’s prolonged COVID-19 lockout, and difficulties with the building of plants in Berlin and Austin.

According to Techcrunch, Tesla deliveries, which totaled 310,048 in the first quarter of this year, have decreased quarter over quarter for the first time in the previous two years. In comparison to the second quarter of last year, Tesla deliveries increased by 26.5 percent.

The decrease from one quarter to the next is consistent with an industry-wide supply chain issue.

It also demonstrates how crucial Tesla’s manufacturing in Shanghai is to the company’s operations.

 In March, Tesla shut down its Shanghai manufacturing several times as a result of an increase in COVID-19 cases that led to a partial government closure.

The business reported on Saturday that it built 258,580 electric vehicles, a 15% decrease from the 305,407 it built in the previous quarter.

The majority of the produced and delivered vehicles were Model 3 and Model Ys, much like in previous quarters during the previous two years.

The earlier Model S and Model X automobiles made up just 16,411 of the total production.

June 2022, according to Tesla, was the busiest month for vehicle production in company history.

Despite reaching that milestone, supply chain issues have made it difficult for EV manufacturers and other businesses in the sector to keep up with demand.

The data is as follows;

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