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Prices of Best Generators in Pakistan 2022

One of the greatest and most practical options for a backup power supply in Pakistan is a portable generator.

Pakistan has an insanely low electrification rate, including over 45 million people without access to electricity as of 2020. Rising government measures to improve the country’s power system are expected to spark the diesel Genset business in the coming years.

Furthermore, in order to reduce blackouts, the supplied energy, together with the government’s efforts toward industrial and sectoral diversification in the country, is expected to drive up the demand for generating units in Pakistan in the coming years.

A range of circumstances particularly planned load-shedding in your area can cause power outages. A power overloading in any of your neighboring Pole-mount Transformers, or PMTs, damp weather, or routine maintenance work undertaken either by a responsible power generation and management company could all disrupt your home’s electric supply.

In the event of a power loss, a backup power source, particularly a generator, is ideal. A current overload in your nearby transformer caused by inclement weather or ordinary maintenance work may have an impact on the electric supply.

One of the greatest and most practical options for a backup power supply in Pakistan is a portable generator.

Generators have cheap operating costs and require little maintenance. Before purchasing a good generator, you need to take into account a number of qualities.

A standard-sized portable generator can cost anywhere from PKR 50,000 to 250,000, based on its power capability. Inverter household generators, on the other hand, often cost between PKR 300,000 and 600,000, or even more, depending on the brand and specifications. Some of the best generators and their price in Pakistan are as follows:

Hyundai Generators:

Several of the finest and oldest companies in the nation, Hyundai is well-known for its automobiles. It is a Japanese company with a solid reputation for producing top-notch generators. Its generators are renowned for having a great variety of characteristics and lasting a very long time. The most dependable generators available on the market are Hyundai models. With the exception of fuel, they will take care of everything to get you through the prolonged power loss.

A large selection of generators is available from Hyundai, and the main fuel source could be either petrol, gas, or oil. Hyundai Generators have a few drawbacks, including the fact that despite being very dependable and strong, these seem to be the most costly generators available in Pakistan.

  • Hyundai HGS2500 2.2 kVA Petrol Generator Rs. 67,999
  • Hyundai HGS3500 3.0 kVA Petrol Generator Rs. 75,900
  • Hyundai HGS6250 5.5 kVA Petrol Generator Rs. 149,999
  • Hyundai HGS7250 6.5 kVA Petrol Generator Rs. 159,999
  • 10 KVA to 125 KVA Hyundai Diesel Generator Rs. 690,000

2.     Firman Generators

Firman is now an American maker of power tools. It is renowned for its selection of generators, which includes the well-liked hybrid, performance, and whisper series. An astounding variety of generators are produced by Firman.

You can discover the generator that best meets your demands, whether you’re looking for one that is silent and noiseless or one that produces more than 10 kilowatts. However, Firman generators are also expensive in Pakistan, similar to Hyundai generators, and they could not offer the same good value as most of the domestic and Chinese brands.

  • Firman SPS1200 : PKR 54,999
  • Sumec Firman 2.5 KVA Generator (SPG3000): PKR 61,000
  • Firman Petrol Generator SPG 2600 E2: PKR 75,530
  • Firman Gasoline Generator SPG 1500: PKR 31,000

3.     Jahangir & Company Generators (Jasco)

Among the many industrial and domestic machinery produced by renowned Pakistani company Jahangir & Company are sewage pumps, generators, power washers, and engine pumps. Jasco generators are popular among Pakistanis for two reasons: they are very economical, and they have a variety of functions. In Pakistan, a broad variety of generators, including extremely strong ones and gasoline-powered ones, are produced. These are ideal for people who require a more affordable electricity supply.

  • Jasco Petrol & Gas 1.3 KW Generator (DB-2200-S/S): PKR 81500
  • Jasco 1.5 KW Generator (J2200-S): PKR 68500
  • Jasco 2.5 KW Generator (J3000-S): 80,000
  • Jasco 1.5 KW Self Start Generator (J1800-S/S): PKR 54000

4.     Homage Generators:

In Pakistan, Homage is a well-known brand of electrical appliances and machinery. It provides Pakistan with a powerful, feature-rich, and affordable generator.

No matter if you’re seeking constant loading or a solution to the issue of fluctuating voltage, the remarkable selection of generators offered by Homage in Pakistan has something for you. The self-starting generator that could run on gasoline or oil is the greatest homage generator.

  • Homage Generator HGR 1.0KVA-G: PKR 25800
  • Homage Generator HGR- 5.00KV-D: PKR 67,999
  • Homage Generator 3.00 KVA (HGR-3.03 KV-D): PKR 50,599
  • Homage Generator HGR 5.0KVA-G: PKR 71,899


5.     Loncin Generators:

Power equipment is produced by Loncin, which is situated in China. It primarily focuses on all types of generators. Loncin offers a broad selection of functionality power generators that can run the majority of the home’s appliances at a reasonable cost.

Loncin generators in Pakistan provide a selection of generators, including hybrid generators that could also switch between DC and AC sources for optimum fuel use and optimal power output, in addition to the classic range of self-start and noise-free generators.

  • Loncin Generator (Gasoline & Gas) 1KW LC1900DDC: PKR 51,999
  • Loncin Generator (Gasoline & Gas) 2.5KW LC3900DDC: PKR 82,550
  • Loncin Generator (Gasoline & Gas) 1.5KW LC2900DDC: PKR 68,899

6.     Honda Generators:

Honda is another well-known vehicle and power equipment manufacturer in Pakistan. It is one of Pakistan’s oldest generator distributors, with quality on par with other top-tier generator brands. It also provides a selection of water pumps, engines, and generators.

Honda generators may be a little pricey, but they are known for their extended lifespan, dependable performance, and easy maintenance. They make generators that will last a lifetime and will never need to be repaired.

  • Honda EF1000FW Handy Generator 0.8 kVA 4 Stroke: PKR 86,400
  • Honda Generator EM10000 8 KVA: PKR 880,000

7.     Yamaha Generators:

Yamaha is a well-known Japanese brand best known for its motorcycles. Their generators are also very popular in Pakistan. It produces a wide range of generators, from small and economical 0.8 KW models to converter generators with virtually silent and self-start technology. If you want an efficient, reliable, portable, and portable generator that utilizes either diesel or gasoline as its primary fuel source, Yamaha is the place to go.

  • Yamaha EF1000FW Handy Generator 0.8 kVA 4 Stroke: PKR 86,400
  • Yamaha Handy Generator EF1000FW – 0.8 kVA – 4 Stroke – Very Low Sound: PKR 87,487
  • Yamaha Petrol Generator – 2.3 KVA – Recoil Start – EF2600FW: PKR 99,487



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