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No Salary but Abuses: Ramiz Raja

The hockey players themselves are not serious,

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ramiz Raja has said that the salary of the head of the board is zero but there are many cases of abuse.

The committee met under the chairmanship of Nawab Sher Wasir, Chairman Inter-Provincial Coordination Committee, where besides the committee members, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ramiz Raja, Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) Secretary Asif Bajwa, and Pakistan Sports Board Officials attended.

During the meeting, committee member Zulfiqar Ali Bhandar asked the PCB chairman that you are asking for soil from Australia. Our soil is not worth it, to which Ramiz Raja replied that it is a technical thing, the World Cup is in Australia and there is no bounce in the soil.

Committee member Naseeba Channa said that the stadium in Larkana is so big that matches are not held there. On this Ramiz Raja said that there must be a big hotel for any ground, at least there should be a three-star hotel.

Naseeba Chana said that there are good hotels in Larkana because of Mohenjo-Daro. However, the PCB chairman said that more work is being done in Sindh and Balochistan. One and a half matches will be held in Larkana till the next meeting.

Ramiz Raja told the committee that he earned Rs 500 crore from Pakistan Super League (PSL) and almost every franchise got Rs 61 crore.

While briefing the standing committee, he said that he took charge of the cricket board on September 13, 2021, and focused on three sides.

Ramiz Raja said that our financial resources are more than before, while many years later they defeated India and are ranked 3rd, 3rd, and 5th in the world.

He said that the tour of Australia was very successful, thousands of matches are being played in domestic cricket, junior leagues are being held in October, they are not beating about the results, and are not taking any money from the government.

Ramiz Raja told the committee that today India is behind us.

Committee member Mehreen Bhutto said that the PCB did not stand on its own feet, it stood on the people’s money while the chairman of the standing committee said that Pakistan cricket has benefited from the arrival of Ramiz Raja.

The Chairman PCB said that he has written a letter to the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to build a stadium in Islamabad, wanting to use the stadium in Islamabad for the Champions Trophy.

He said that Britain and New Zealand want to make up for not visiting in the past, England and New Zealand are coming to Pakistan to play extra matches.

The committee members inquired whether the Pakistan Cricket Board was a fully autonomous body, to which the federal secretary said that the constitution of the PCB had been approved by the federal government. He said that no institution is independent, all are under the government of Pakistan.

The chairman of the standing committee said that the committee members were invited by the PCB for a meeting, but when the committee members contacted the PCB, no reply was received.

He said that the committee members were not even invited to the PSL. We contacted the PCB but got no response. Chairman PCB and CEO PCB Salman Naseer “You must have been invited to the PSL,” he said.

Salman Naseer said that the committee members had to be invited to PSL. There was a lot of pressure in PSL due to which they could not be invited.

Ramiz Raja said that PCB and the standing committee are on two different mindsets, we must sit together.

During the briefing, the Chairman PCB said that my life is in danger, for which I had to keep the car in this condition, I do not get any money, and my wife did not go on any trip with me.

Chairman Standing Committee said that Ramiz Raja does not take our sister-in-law on tour, this is wrong, but Ramiz Raja replied that if I take your sister-in-law, the committee members will take my class.

Mehreen Bhutto, a member of the committee, asked the chairman of the PCB about the benefits he received. He said that his salary was zero. The salary of the PCB chairman was nothing but abuse.

“Before I became chairman, I voted at home and my children said I would go crazy,” he said.

Ramiz Raja said that the minimum salary in PCB was 20,000 which I increased to 5,000, I have not taken the entertainment allowance from PCB yet.

“As PCB chairman, I have used only Rs 2.5 lakh for trips in three months. I don’t need medical allowance, I still run,” he said.

After the meeting, Chairman Committee Shiroser expressed frustration over the absence of the President of the Hockey Federation and told the Secretary Hockey Federation that they would not listen to him without Sadr.

The chairman of the standing committee said that they will not listen to you, you can go, we have asked for big funds for the national game. “The hockey players themselves are not serious,” he said.

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