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Careem Launches New Service Where 3 different People will travel Simultaneously

The service is already being used by companies such as Power Cement, PICG, Hepg Lloyd, Salesflow, Maple Leaf, and Draz

Ride-sharing startup Careem in Pakistan announced in a press release the inclusion of carpooling feature in its service exclusively for corporate users.

According to the media reports, a car in the carpooling service will be available for 3 customers at a time, which will give employees of the same company living nearby a better facility for their daily two-way travel.

The service is currently being used by a number of reputed companies including Nestle, Sapphire, Packages, BASF, Sada Tech, Repair Desk, and others, the press release said.

Careem has also introduced a full and half-day service model that gives customers the freedom to hire a car and Careem Captain for 12 hours and 6 hours respectively.

Meanwhile, customers can also travel to inactive areas of the cream service and take rides to cities where the cream service is not available.

Careem has also introduced another feature under which companies can avail all the benefits of Careem’s corporate service and its bill is ‘Bill to Company’ (BTC) ie directs employees instead of sending it to the concerned company.

The service is already being used by companies such as Power Cement, PICG, Hepg Lloyd, Salesflow, Maple Leaf, and Draz, the press release said.

It should be noted that this service is being introduced by Karim at a time when petrol prices in Pakistan are skyrocketing after three consecutive increases.

On the other hand, earlier this month, the multinational transport operating service ‘Seoul’ announced the closure of its inter-city transport services across Pakistan.

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