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Changan Oshan Z6 Revealed in China

OShan Z6 is eaquipped with 10.25-inch long digital display panel with 3D technology

The brand-new Oshan Z6, which Changan first revealed in China in March of this year, has now been formally introduced to the Chinese market. Both PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) and ICE (internal combustion engine) variants of the Oshan Z6 are offered.

The Oshan Z6 has a sporty appearance, as seen in prior photographs, with a large complicated mesh grille flanked by a slim and sharp pair of headlamps.

In addition, there are many sharp & angular lines throughout the car, with the overall design language evoking the Changan Uni series.

There are few distinctions between PHEV and ICE models, such as red accents on the ICE and blue trim on the PHEV, as well as various exhaust pipes.

The Changan Oshan Z6 has three screens, even in the cheapest edition, and a beige or black color-coded interior, depending on the version.

One for the 10.25-inch long digital instrument panel with 3D display technology. The 12.3-inch center touch panel, equipped with the OnStyle 5.0 voice recognition system, allows users to attach their voices to many functionalities.

The third screen, a 9.1-inch unit on the middle panel, serves mostly as a navigational aid.

The EaglePilot7.0 driving system, which utilizes 12 radars, 3 mm-wave radars, and 5 cameras, is another feature of the Oshan Z6. The Oshan Z6 can park itself and assist the driver on roads thanks to these features.

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