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How to Write Long Text on Twitter in 2022? Guide

Yes! Basically, Twitter has introduced a blog.

Here is good news for Twitter lovers. After a long time Now you can write long posts to deliver your thoughts completely. Before this character-restricted option do not allow you to send full of thought text. It is possible now.

Twitter has finally launched the “Notes Option” which will allow you to integrate long text on your tweet. It is equipped with all the basic elects of a blog post composer.

You will be free to add a header image. You can insert images and links in your text. After publishing tweet all.

The much-rumored option for long-form writing on Twitter has already been unveiled. The business acknowledged that it has started testing a new “Notes” feature that will allow the authors to post character-unrestricted freeform content on Twitter.

The constraints of a tweet are not present in notes, which are effectively blog articles that display on Twitter.

There are no character restrictions, and writers can incorporate images, videos, and other tweets into their Notes.

Additionally, writers can tweet about their Notes, and those published Notes will show up on the authors’ Twitter pages.

Notes could offer the writers more flexibility than the standard tweetstorm and substantially alter how they communicate with their followers.

Twitter’s editorial director Rembert Browne stated in a Note announcing the debut that Notes are intended to give writers an alternative to the lengthy threads. This option will be for all Twitter users on the globe without requiring them to publish content elsewhere and send it back to Twitter.

Writers have relied on Twitter to share their work, get seen, get read, start conversations, etc. – everything but the actual writing, according to Browne.

The purpose of Notes is to complete that gap and support writers in achieving their desired level of accomplishment.

The business claims it will gradually expand the test group as it gets feedback, but for the time being, the function is only accessible to a “limited selection of writers” from Canada, Ghana, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

A larger Twitter initiative to develop services for authors includes Notes. The firm is also incorporating Revue, the newsletter business it purchased last year, into its new “Twitter Write” segment, which includes notes and newsletters, as part of the transition. Revue newsletters might be included in Notes, although how exactly is still unknown.

How many characters you can Type?

The note title will be limited to 100 characters. The body of the note can be written with up to 2500 characters. This option provides you with more heap for your long-form content.

Good news for you also lies here. Unlike tweets, the writer can now edit his content after he has published.

There will be an option of Edit on the right top of the note.

Furthermore, according to Twitter “notes will have distinctive URLs that users may access from outside of the Twitter platform, “regardless of whether they are signed in to Twitter, and even if they do not have a Twitter account”. This will encourage more widespread sharing, which might enhance its long-form potential.

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