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How to Block Spam Call on Android and iOS? Easy Guide

This guide will help you to get rid of spam call.

Many times when you are busy in an important meeting, spam calls disturb you and cause annoying of your boss.

Spam call is unwanted calls that are made with the goal to fool or scam the recipient. You’ve probably experienced an onslaught of spam calls, SMS, and emails at some point.

Even if you’ve used a third-party solution like Truecaller, the accompanying notifications can still be annoying.

Thankfully, Android and iOS smartphones already allow you to reject unsolicited calls and spam, even without the use of additional apps.

This guide covers both Android and iOS separately and explains how to activate the spam filtering feature and how to ban calls from obscene numbers.

Turn on the Spam Filter

A program known as a spam filter is used to identify unsolicited, undesired, and virus-infected emails and stop them from reaching your mailbox.

A spam filter searches for specific criteria to base its decisions on, just as other sorts of filtering systems.

Despite a few exceptions, the majority of Android devices are equipped with Google’s own installed Phone app. This app performs as the dialer by default.

Whether you have a low-cost, mid-range, or high-end smartphone, you’ll likely experience spam calls, and if your device utilizes Google’s Phone app out of the box, dealing with them will be the same.

From this guide, you can turn on the Spam call filter very easily.

  1. Oppen Phone App first
  2. Open “Setting” by tapping three dots on the top right
  3. You will find “Caller ID” and “Spam ID” under Assistive
  4. You have to turn on the toggle for “See Caller ID and Spam ID”
  5. Then you should have to turn on the toggle “Filter Spam Call”

How to Block Spam Call on Android Phone?

You can also block the spam calls on your Android phones very easily.

While there are methods for merely identifying and avoiding spam callers, you might want to add numbers that manage to evade the filter or permanently block known erroneous numbers.

One method is to go to your list of recent calls and long-press the number you want to block. There are two more options as well. Pick “Block/report garbage” from the selection menu that opens. The alternative method is available on the settings page:

  1. Open “Phone app” Setting Menu
  2. Select the option Blocked number
  3. Turn the Toggle corresponding to “ Unknown”
  4. You have the option to add a number manually by clicking on the option “Add Number”
  5. Finally, enter the number that you want to block

How to Block Spam Call on Android Phone?

iPhones are currently used by more than 1 billion people. More than 1.9 billion iPhones have been sold since the device’s debut. In 2021, Apple lovers buy 217.1 million iPhones.

On an iPhone, blocking spam calls is a very simple process. You’ll probably need to rely on third-party call-identification apps like Truecaller to assist you to identify spam calls since iOS’ native Phone app doesn’t provide quite the same range of options as Google’s dialler.

Just come with us to follow the simple steps and block the spam calls forever. Let’s start;

  1. First of all, open the “Setting” app
  2. Scroll down and reaches the option “Phone”
  3. Turn on “Silence Unknown Caller”

Note: This is the best way to avoid spam calls. But unfortunately at the same time, you can miss legitimate calls as well.

4. You can avoid this by turning on all the options under “Call Blocking and Identifications

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