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How to Earn Money through Instagram in Pakistan 2022?

In Pakistan, the typical influencer makes $200–300 per month.

Statistics on its global advertising audience reach tell us that Instagram have at least 1.452 billion users worldwide in April 2022. According to this statistic, Instagram is currently used by 23.4% of all global users who are 13 years old or older.

If we talk about the daily users of Instagram, there are 500 million daily users of this social media site. The trends show that the users of Instagram are increasing day by day.

If you are hardworking and have a dream of making money on Instagram, then it is not difficult nowadays. But making money on Instagram requires serious strategies.

With huge completion created by TikTio, Snapchat, and YouTube Shorts, the video world made Instagram take it as a priority.

Some Mind-Blowing Stats

Before going towards the Tips and Tricks of earning money through Instagram, you have to know about some astonishing stats.

  1. There are 1 billion active users on Instagram each month. That is about five times the population of Pakistan.
  2. Every day, 500 million users post a tale. This is almost four times as many people as Pakistan.
  3. Instagram is used for branding and marketing by 41% of Pakistani companies, big and small.

In recent wording, Mark Zuckerberg shows, “Rolling out more ways for creators to make money on Facebook and Instagram — and sharing updates that will help creators build for the metaverse. We’re heading towards a future where more people can do creative work they enjoy, and I want platforms like ours to play a role in making that happen.”

In 2022 Instagram is the second most downloaded App in the world and it is the seventh most visited website in the world. Similarly, it is the 4th most used social media platform.

Instagram has 1.12 billion users monthly. We can say that Instagram has a massive potential audience. People who have great potential can earn a handsome amount of money through Instagram.

Some Success Stories

According to a business insider, if you have 1000-10,000 followers on Instagram, then you can earn 300-500 dollars.

  1. Famous Instagram influencer Kylie Jenner earns money of $90000 on Instagram ads.
  2. Famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo earns $1,604,000 per ad on his Instagram account.
  3. Here we bring the best possible ways for you to make money with the help of Instagram.

The stats gave below also motivate us that Instagram can make you a millionaire with some efforts and strategies.

In Pakistan, the typical influencer makes $200–300 per month. Since there is such wide variation between the highs and lows, “average” figures aren’t the greatest to base decisions on.

Mega-influencers in Pakistan (accounts with more than one million followers) earn more than +$1000 per month, whereas micro-influencers (accounts with 1,000 to 10,000 followers) make an average of $500–600 per month.

Make Money as Content Creator

You can utilize your Instagram page to promote a variety of goods from a variety of brands if you can get the highly sought-after influencer designation. Content development can help with this.

If you’re unfamiliar, an influencer is someone who has developed a reputation and a devoted following by consistently posting on social media. They have a solid fan base and are adept at persuading people to follow trends and purchase particular goods.

They’ve invested a lot of time in developing relationships and trust with their audience, which has given them considerable influence.

Influencers and brands frequently work together to create sponsored posts that promote brands’ goods.

Brand Partnership

There are many ways to use Instagram in Pakistan to make money as a freelance content creator, even if you don’t have a “company” in the traditional sense. You have influence and can be an influencer if you have a strong following and understand your niche.


If you have signed a contract with J. a famous Pakistani brand then you can create content for them and can earn money per post.

Affiliate Marketing

The most well-known technique for producers to monetize their Instagram accounts is probably through partnerships with companies like Nemat Bnaspati Ghee. Finding a major or small brand that shares your values can help your efforts to make money.

Partnerships with businesses like MTJ can take many different forms. For example, you might be compensated for creating an Instagram post for MTJ that highlights a certain product or is provided with free goods in exchange for content.

Start by creating a few free posts that highlight some of your favorite things, such as restaurants or beauty products. When approaching brands, you can then use those posts as examples.

Sell your own Product

If you are a producer of any kind of tangible or non-tangible product, then you can sell it on Instagram. For example, if you produce beauty Soap; you can get more customers online or on Instagram.

In Pakistan, you are able to sell any tangible item that you create on your own or get from sources. This type of traditional e-commerce retailing typically necessitates maintaining some inventory, necessitating the expenditure of startup funds to purchase your goods.

Additionally, you’ll need a location anywhere in Pakistan where you may store the goods, such as an extra bedroom at home or a hired storage facility. This is especially true if you want to purchase items in bulk in order to save money. Before items are ordered by and delivered to clients, you’ll need a place to store everything.

Link it with your Blog or Vlog

You can link your website like Techburaq or a YouTube channel like Okarian Funny Boys to Instagram. If you have hundreds of followers on Instagram then you can attract traffic to your platforms.

You can use Instagram to point your followers to that other site, which can be extremely lucrative if you sell advertising space on your own website or make money from Youtube.

Other Quick Examples

ProPakistani a famous website also has Instagram and Facebook accounts. These social media accounts have millions of followers. These followers switch to the website through Facebook or Instagram.

The other example is Asad Memon. He runs a YouTube channel on Food. He also has Instagram and Facebook accounts to keep his viewers informative. He puts short videos on Instagram to attract visitors to the long YouTube Videos.

Partner with Business

Similar to collaborating with other artists, working with other businesses allows both parties to interact with a larger audience of customers. Try reaching out to other companies in your niche and organizing a contest or giveaway; this is a great way to expand your fan base and attract new clients.

Partner with Creators

Utilizing influence marketing, you may advertise your business to the Pakistani audience on Instagram. Earlier this week, the Jame Sheeren scandal made headlines after a YouTuber used a bottle of this brand in an offensive interview.

If you’re looking for partners, be sure to consider their content and ideals. You want to choose someone whose objectives coincide with yours so that the connection makes sense to customers and doesn’t come off as some bizarre marketing tactic.

Final Verdict

Hundreds of social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn open new doors for earning money. If you are familiar with them, you can earn money very easily. We can say, earning money in 2022 is not difficult at all. Many types of research show that millions of people are earning billions of dollars online. Just follow the aforementioned methods of earning money through Instagram. Any one of the methods can help you to earn a handsome amount of money in Pakistan.

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