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How Can Women Government Employees Get Scooties? Guide

In August, prospective female employees can submit their applications

The Punjab government has decided to give motorbikes (sooties) to all female teachers, female polio workers, female health workers, and working women of all government and semi-government institutions throughout the province.

Basically, the project was proposed for the school teachers only but Planning and Development rejected the proposal.

Then CM Punjab advised the concerned departments to include all-female government employees.

During the upcoming fiscal year 2022–2023, these scooties will only be provided to female permanent staff. According to their work status, 160,000 female employees would receive scooters this year on a monthly payment schedule ranging from Rs 2,500 to Rs 3,000.

Between August and November of this year, the first phase of the distribution of these scooters will be finished.

In August, prospective female employees can submit their applications; following that, the review will start.

At present, a clear procedure is not announced by the government. But the Education Department, Health Department, and Women Development department can take up this initiative.

The applicant has to submit an application in the demanded department for registration.

The department will analyze all documents and then finalizes the list of eligible women.

All women who are permanent employees of the government of Punjab will be eligible for the scooties

The Punjab government has set aside money in the provincial budget for the project, according to Chief Minister Malik Abrar Ahmed’s advisor.

He asserted that without women’s full engagement, no nation can thrive. When working from home, women must deal with major issues. Wagons and buses pose challenges for them. The cost of pick-up and delivery services has also increased.

For this reason, the PML-N government in Punjab has decided to provide scooties to female employees. More scooters will be made available if there are more women, he promised.

Working women will gain from this project since they will be able to conveniently and safely commute to their offices from home.

Shafiq Bhalwalia and Basharat Iqbal Raja, leaders of the teachers’ unions, praised the decision and urged that male instructors also receive motorcycles in convenient installments. The provision of amenities for the workforce falls under the purview of the government.

Who is Eligible?

  1. Here is the eligibility criterion for the Scooties.
  2. Female Only
  3. Age Limit: 18-40 years
  4. Valid CNIC
  5. Driving license of the applicant
  6. Punjab Government Employee
  7. A resident of Punjab(Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, Sargodha, Gujranwala, Sahiwal)
  8. Minimum income 30,000(Not confirmed yet)
  9. Job certificate
  10. Written Consent of the guardian

Application Procedure

The female employee of the Punjab Government on a permanent basis can submit their application to the Bank of Punjab. The Scooties will be provided on the two-year installment program.

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