According to a report, the sources said that in view of the arrival of the Director-General of Rangers in a meeting with the Karachi University administration, a student discussed with the Rangers officer the strict security measures in view of his arrival at the university.

Sources said that the purpose of the meeting of the top officials of Rangers with the teachers and administration was to find out how to deal with the new type of extremism affecting the society which leads to suicide attacks.

A Karachi University official said that no one was allowed to take a motorbike near the campus on the arrival of Rangers officials yesterday, which caused difficulties for the students. Since then, the students have been facing constant difficulties and after the attack, the administration has imposed more severe restrictions on the students.

Sources said that after the attack on Chinese teachers, the university has adopted a manual enrollment system for students to enter the campus, due to which students wait for hours outside the campus and then go to their respective departments. You have to walk 2 to 3 kilometers to reach there.

A senior official added that the situation has become more difficult for female students as the university administration has banned rickshaws and pick-and-drop van services from entering the campus and their registration process has not started yet. The main cafeteria and tuck shops have also been closed since the attack.

Sources said that the university administration has so far failed to decide on how to formulate an effective security plan for the campus which has been facing various challenges for decades.

The sources added that these challenges include the financial crisis of the university as well as untrained security personnel, most of whom have been recruited on political grounds, while some of them are also involved in a burglary on campus. Have been found involved.

A university lecturer said that due to these problems, the university administration is forced to seek help from Rangers, who often resort to brutal force, which creates a variety of unrest on campus. What could be more difficult for students in the coming days when the exams begin.

The sources added that the promise made by the provincial government to assist in security measures after the suicide attack has not been fulfilled yet.

He said the university should have been closed for a few weeks after the suicide attack to equip it with state-of-the-art safety equipment so that students would not be harmed.

Sources said the university should have put pressure on the government to provide safety equipment in a timely manner, adding that the university needed equipment for walk-through gates, baggage scanners, handheld metal detectors, and vehicle inspection.

Karachi University security advisers were not available for comment. A university spokesman said the university had added a few more buses that would be used for free shuttle service from Friday (today).

He said that only 20 to 25 students are queuing outside the university, the main cafeteria, and 2 tuck shops will be opened on Friday (today) while rickshaws and vans will be allowed to enter once the registration is completed.


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