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Full Review of Pakistan First EV Rinco Aria: Price and Specs

The worldwide electric vehicle market is growing, and Pakistan is attempting to keep up.

The worldwide electric vehicle market is growing, and Pakistan is attempting to keep up.

Today, we’re going to take a look at Rinco Aria, Pakistan’s cheapest electric vehicle. The entry-level hatchback has been imported by Nayyar Motors, and they are currently exclusively offering CBUs. The worldwide electric vehicle market is growing, and Pakistan is attempting to keep up. The biggest problem with EVs in Pakistan is that most of them are high-end cars like the Audi E-Tron and BMW IX, but this might be remedied with cars like the Aria.

For Rs. 2.4 million, Nayyer Private Limited has unveiled Pakistan’s most cheap EV, setting a new benchmark for affordable EVs. Can the Rinco Aria EV be a game-changer for Pakistan’s EV industry? Let’s find out in the following full evaluation.

You Need to Know All the Features of Rinco Aria

In Pakistan’s automotive business, growing prices are the only constant, much like “change is the only constant in life.” Every month, it appears that the cost of living in this city rises. With gasoline costs fluctuating (usually increasing) every two weeks, many people are finding it difficult to buy a car. This is one of the reasons why hybrids and foreign cars do so well in this market, as they consume less fuel.

Given the success of hybrids and imported automobiles in Pakistan, it’s safe to say that EVs, particularly cheaper EVs, would do well there as well.

Existing electric vehicles in Pakistan haven’t sold well, owing to their high price. This, however, could all change with the arrival of Rinco Aria.


Because there is no engine, the car has more inside room. Two distinct dual-tone interior styles are available. A dual 7-inch infotainment and metre cluster display is included in the Rinco Aria. Both screens are combined into a single panel. Apple CarPlay is supported by the Rinco Aria EV. The air vents have an unusual elliptical shape.

The gear control is located beneath the infotainment screen. The gear selector is a physical button that can be activated by just pressing it. There are only three gear selectors available: D, N, and R. As you can see in the photos below, the interior is quite big and well-designed.

In terms of appearance and legroom, the back seats are comparable to those found in any Japanese Kei car. There are additionally two non-adjustable headrests in the back seats.


Unlike some odd-looking budget cars, the Rinco Aria EV is actually quite elegant for such a little vehicle. Plastic mouldings are placed into the front bumper, adding to the car’s stylish appearance. The car has the general dimensions and appearance of a Suzuki Alto from the 9th generation.

Because there is no engine, there is no radiator grille on the front. Instead, a gorgeous design on hard plastic has been etched into the space. For a car of this size, the attention to detail appears to be promising.

The car’s side is also quite straightforward. In the side mirror, you’ll find integrated LED turn signals. The car’s appearance is enhanced by body-color side mirrors and 13-inch alloy wheels.

Battery Range/Performance

This electric vehicle is powered by a 17kWh battery with a maximum output of 14.6kW and torque of 75Nm. The car is propelled by an electric motor that drives a rear-wheel-drive system. This EV has two driving modes: sport and economy.

According to the manufacturer, this electric vehicle can travel 200 kilometers in Eco mode and 130 kilometers in Sports mode. In Eco mode, the top speed is limited to 60 km/h, but in Sports mode, it can reach 100 km/h. This car is primarily built for urban or city driving, as seen by its design, size, and specifications.

A built-in charger is included to make charging at home easier. It can charge from zero to full in around 6 hours while using power.


When it comes to size, the Rinco Aria is slightly larger than the Suzuki Alto, which measures 3395 x 1475 x 1490. It is, nevertheless, definitely more sleek and modern than Pakistan’s current generation Alto.

Dimensions(mm)3380 x 1520 x 1590
Wheelbase (mm)2440
Track Width(mm)1310
Tyre size155/65/R13 (Alloy Wheel)
Number of Seats4
Curb weight (kg)760

Safety Features

Except for airbags, the car checks all of the fundamental safety and security boxes. This vehicle does not have any airbags, which is concerning. Especially since this car has a smaller crumple zone due to the absence of the engine and other vital components to absorb the shock. According to AIDEP 2021-2026, no locally built or imported car without airbags will be marketed in Pakistan after June 30, 2022.

Rico Aria has the following safety features to keep you safe and secure.

AirbagsNo Airbags
ABS brakes✔ 
Keyless Entry
Brakes4-wheel Disc
Reverse Camera
Rear Parking Sensor

Price And colours

In Pakistan, the Rinco Aria EV would be available for Rs.2.4 million. Given the pricing of local cars in Pakistan, the price tag alone makes it an appealing option. The batteries, motors, and electronics are all covered by a three-year warranty, according to the manufacturer. All taxes are included in the above-mentioned pricing.

Rico is available in the following colours.

  • White Peach
  • Future Gray
  • Lava Red
  • Pearl White
  • Happy Blue
  • Fruit Green
  • Cocoa Powder

Final Words

This suggests that Pakistan could be a promising market for high-quality compact electric vehicles. As a result, Nayyar Private Limited has decided to launch the Rinco Aria, a low-cost electric vehicle in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, the Rinco Aria is a subcompact all-electric hatchback with no direct competitors. However, it competes in terms of size with Suzuki Alto, United Bravo, and Prince Pearl.

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