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How Important Is J-10C Aircraft for Pakistan? Learn Here

Pakistan has not only purchased J-10C aircraft from China but also Pakistan and China will work together on this aircraft like JF17 Thunder.

Pakistan has not only purchased J-10C aircraft from China but also Pakistan and China will work together on this aircraft like JF-17 Thunder.

Pakistan has not only purchased J-10C aircraft from China but also Pakistan and China will work together on this aircraft like JF-17 Thunder.

The political situation in the world is changing rapidly, especially in recent times. In just two years, the states that broke away from the former Soviet Union have seen two major wars.

The use of technology drones and air power in the Armenian-Azerbaijani war was unprecedented. Similarly, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has made the situation in the European and Asian regions more challenging. Both these wars and the Pak-India battle on February 27, 2019, have proved the importance of air warfare.

In India, where army and air force chiefs have been criticized in the media for criticizing each other over whether the air force is a full-fledged attack force or a subordinate force of the army, Pakistan’s armed forces have stepped up their defense capabilities.

The process of successfully incorporating J-10C aircraft into the Air Force has been completed.

The completion of defense deals between India and Pakistan can be gauged from the fact that India had agreed to purchase the Rafale aircraft 10 years ago as most of the fighter jets of the Indian Air Force have either crashed or have expired.

The ceremony of joining the J-10C aircraft in the Pakistan Air Force fleet was held in a very simple and dignified manner. It was not made a political spectacle in any way. On the other hand, if we look at the purchase of Raphael in India, he gave a religious color to the inclusion of these planes, and special worship was performed.

The inauguration ceremony of these aircraft was held at Pakistan Air Force Base Minhas (Kamra Air Base). Speaking on the occasion, Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Zaheer Ahmed Babar said that there are regional and global challenges, the geostrategic environment is changing rapidly and it is affecting the region and Pakistan.

Rapidly changing technology is constantly changing the nature of war. Space technology, electronic warfare, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence have radically changed traditional national security trends. To make the national defense invincible, Pakistan’s armed forces are timely adding new weapons.

Despite the Corona epidemic, the Pakistan Air Force has added these aircraft to its fleet in a short span of 8 months. This event is a manifestation of the great friendship between Pakistan and China. The Pakistan Air Force has added a state-of-the-art aircraft to its fleet after four decades. In 1982, F-16s became part of the Pakistan Air Force fleet.

Referring to the J10C’s military capabilities, the Air Chief Marshal said that the aircraft had a fully integrated weapon system, avionics, and electronic warfare suite, which made it capable of killing even an invisible enemy.

This aircraft is equipped with the latest weapons in the world. It is capable of hitting its targets from a distance from space to air and from space to earth. This aircraft has acquired the initiative and electronic warfare capability to attack the Pakistan Air Force.

Comparison of Raphael and J10C

The inclusion of Chinese-made J10C aircraft in the Pakistan Air Force has sparked a debate in the region and around the world as to what is the difference between the J10C aircraft acquired by the Pakistan Air Force and the Rafale aircraft purchased by India from France. First of all, if you look at the price, it will be easy to compare the two planes.

The Armed Forces of Pakistan has decided to incorporate more and more advanced, cheap, and locally manufactured military hardware into its defense system.

That is why Pakistan’s focus is on acquiring low-cost but high-capacity equipment instead of fancy military hardware. That is why the price of India’s Rafale aircraft is 13 135 million while that of Pakistani J10C is only 3 35 million. In other words, Pakistan can buy a 4J10C aircraft at the price at which India has bought a Rafale aircraft.

Compared to the Raphael, the J10C is a smaller and lighter multi-role aircraft that can operate in all types of weather conditions. The J10C can fly 2,305 km with one engine while the Raphael can fly 1,912 km with two engines.

The J10C is designed after Raphael, so a special system has been installed to keep the aircraft stable while improving this design. Its WS10 engine gives 125 to 145 kN thrust, while one of Raphael’s engines gives 75 kN thrust but due to reduction in weight and spread, J10C can fly up to 56 thousand feet while Raphael’s more The highest elevation is 51,000 feet.

The J10C has a lower thrust and weight ratio than the Raphael, so it can move much better and faster. The J10C has a speed of 2.2 knots while the Raphael has a speed of 1.8 knots. Raphael planes are expensive and low in speed despite being large, so the J10C can demonstrate better capability in dogfights.

Why did Pakistan choose J10 aircraft?

The J10Cs were built at the Aviation Hub in Chengdu, China. This company is known as Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group or Chengdu Aerospace Corporation.

Founded in 1958, the company manufactures fighter and other aircraft parts. The company employs more than 2,000 aviation specialists who specialize in all stages from the design of fighter jets to their flight.

In addition to the J10, Chengdu manufactures J-5, J-7, J-9, JF-17, and J-20 fighter jets, as well as business jet CB-J800, unmanned aerial vehicles, and various aircraft engines and parts.

The J10C is the first fighter jet to be developed in China that can be compared to Western fighter jets. This aircraft is known in China as Meng Long and Vigorous Dragon. While the West, especially NATO countries, have named it Firebird.

The J10 project was launched by China in 1988 and in 1998 the first J10 prototype aircraft was developed. The whole affair was kept secret. After several tests, the aircraft became part of the Chinese Air Force in 2004 and was publicly exhibited in 2006.

According to an estimate, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force and Navy currently have 240 such aircraft in operation, while another 300 are in demand.

Pakistan is the first country after China to have J10C aircraft as part of its fighter fleet. Iran, Indonesia, and Thailand are also interested in buying the aircraft.

According to experts, this aircraft is a 4.5 generation aircraft with the same capabilities as Eurostar and F16 aircraft. The aircraft has the capability to fire air-to-air and surface-to-surface missiles that hit the target BVR (beyond the human eye’s ability to see).

PL-15 missiles with a range of up to 200 km from the air and PL-8 missiles with a close range, as well as J10C laser-guided bombs weighing more than 500 kg to hit the ground, free fall.

The J10C is also capable of refueling in the atmosphere. The J10C is equipped with state-of-the-art radar that can detect up to 10 targets and hit 4 at the same time.

Pakistan has become the first buyer of J10C. This was first reported on Chinese social networking sites when images of the J10C were released. The Pakistani flag could be seen on the tail of these planes.

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