Social media users are demanding a ban on actress Sana Javed, who became famous from the drama serial “Khani”.

A few days ago, well-known model Minal Saleem, without naming the famous actress of the showbiz industry, told about her inappropriate and intolerable behavior and said that she will no longer work with any actress.

She also asked all his clients not to ask him to shoot with any actress as these actresses consider us “2 Take Ki Models”. We also come to work, not to be humiliated for free.

After this post of model Minal Saleem came to light, many make-up artists came out in support of her and said that Minal Saleem is talking about actress Sana Javed and then many make-up artists decided to work with actress Sana Javed.

 She shared her horrible experience and called her a very unprofessional actress.

The make-up artists shared many examples where they had to endure the worst treatment of Sana Javed.

Leading make-up artists Ikram Gohar, Ryan Thomas and others shared stories of Sana Javed’s abuse on social media.

On social media, people are talking about the abuse of models and make-up artists by Sana Javed and are criticizing the actress and demanding a ban on her.

Social media users are of the view that both the industry and the public should ban Sana Javed and Sana Javed should apologize to all the people with whom she has been mistreated.

Explain why you are giving work to such an arrogant and rude girl. While some people said that Sana Javed’s appearance is beautiful but he is very rude and disrespectful on the inside.


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