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Reason of Shane Warne Death: How Shane Warne Dies?

Thai police have ruled out the death of great Australian spinner Shane Warne following an autopsy.

Reason of Shane Warne Death

Thai police have ruled out the death of great Australian spinner Shane Warne following an autopsy.

According to the Associated Press, police said in a statement that the autopsy report had been passed to Shane Warne’s family and the Australian embassy ​​and that his family had no doubt that Spinner had died. Police revealed that the reason was natural.

Assistant Commissioner of Police General Surachate Huckparn said there were no reports of missing items and no signs of struggle on the body.

He said the hospital’s director said the cause of death was “physical” according to the autopsy. Warren’s father said Shane Warne had chest pains and intended to have a medical examination when he returned from vacation.

The police officer clarified that this was not an incident of murder and the cause of death was natural. Shane Warne died of a heart attack last Friday in Koh Samui, Thailand.

A statement from Shane Warne’s administration said Shane Warne was in his villa and was not responding. His body was taken to a government hospital for an autopsy, and after an initial examination, Thai authorities said he had died of a heart attack.

Shane Warne’s family said in a statement Monday that the day of Shane Warne’s death marks the end of a nightmare that will never end.

Great League spinner’s father Keith and mother Brigitte wrote that it is incomprehensible to think of the future without Shane Warne, hopefully, the mountain of happy memories we have will help us deal with this grief.

He said the family had accepted the official offer of the last rites and was happy that part of the Melbourne Cricket Ground would be named Shane Warne Stand in honor of their son.

Shane Warne’s son wrote: “I don’t think you’ll ever be able to fill the void left in my heart. You really were a wonderful father and companion.” Thai officials have not yet said when Shane Warne’s body will be flown to Australia.

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