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Pasoori Full Song Audio/Video Download| Coke Studio- Season 14

The fifth song of ‘Cook Studio Season 14’, which started in early January last year, ‘Pasoori’ was released.

‘Pasoori’ is sung by Ali Sethi and Shae Gill in traditional pop style.

Ali Sethi has also written the poetry of ‘Pasoori’ with Fazal Abbas while he has composed it with musician Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan alias Zulfi.

What is special about ‘Pasoori’ is that it also features classical dancer Sheema Kirmani.

The fifth song from “Cook Studio Season 14” was released on February 7 and was hailed by the audience as soon as it was released.

Ali Sethi and Shay Gill became top trends on social media after the release of ‘Pasoori’ and fans praised the video in addition to the poetry of the song.

“Pasoori” features African and Arab style sets and people also like the classical style of singing.

Prior to ‘Pasoori’, the Punjabi language song ‘Nere Nere Was Dhola’ was released on February 1 this month, which was sung by ‘The Soch Band’ and ‘Butt Brothers’.

Earlier, Muharram was released on January 28 in the voice of Grammy Award-nominated American Pakistani singer Urooj Aftab.

Atif Aslam and Momina Mustahasan’s song ‘Sajan Das Na’ was also released in the Punjabi language on January 23 before the song of Arooj Aftab.

The second song of ‘Cook Studio Season 14’ ‘Kana Yari’ was released on January 19 last month in the voices of Eva B, Kefi Khalil, and Abdul Wahab Bugti.

Cook Studios started on January 14 with Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal’s song ‘Tu Jhoom’, which was well received by the audience.

Folk singer Ali Sethi and singer Shae Gill’s song ‘Pasoori’ released under Cook Studio Season 14 has set a new record.

‘Pasoori’ became the first song of ‘Cook Studio Season 14’ to be viewed 10 times on YouTube, while it was viewed more than 3 million times in less than three days.

Although the first song of ‘Cook Studio Season 14’ ‘To Jhoom’ was watched a lot and it was also very much liked, it did not get the honor of going fast 1 million times.

Pasoori Audio Download

Click here to download Pasoori audio.

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