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Best Online Earning Websites in Pakistan With Zero Investment 2022

The digital divide means the difference between those who know the internet and get benefits and those who are internet illiterate and are away from its benefits.

online earning through websites in Pakistan 2022


First of all, we are going to aware you of the word digital divide.  The digital divide means the difference between those who know the internet and get benefits and those who are internet illiterate and are away from its benefits. Those who do not use the internet are economically disadvantaged. This divide produces differences in earning growth. We can say that there is a significant association between web use and earnings growth. Knowledge about the internet and technology has a great impact on your income. Undoubtedly, people who know the internet and its use are economically more prosperous than those who do not.

Let us tell you the job opportunities at different ages. Many of our readers may not know about the concept that different ages provide different opportunities for earning. The Cave era helped the poor when they hunt for others on wages. The agricultural revolution made humans able to earn a living hood through harvesting. In the same way, the industrial revolution helped millions of people to earn money for their livelihoods. Now, we have entered the digital revolution period.

This era is providing opportunities to earn money on the internet and online. Many unemployed are getting chances to change their fat with online earning. Poor are getting into rich with the help of freelancing and online earning. Here we are ready to tell you one offshoot of online earning that is online earning through websites. Earning from earning sites has become common these days. Different students and job holders are earning through websites after content writing and graphics.

What is a website?

Website is the set of multiple web pages under a single domain and hosting. A single person, group of people, or organization produces a website to communicate, educate, business and news. Techburaq, Dawn news, ProPakistani, PPSC, and gadget 360 are examples of websites.

Popular types of Website

Nature is full of diversity and diversity is the beauty of life. In the law of nature is applied here. There are hundreds of kinds of websites. These types include,

  1. Social Media Website
  2. Entertainment Website
  3. Education website
  4. Blogs
  5. W-Commerce Website
  6. Non-Profit Website
  7. Corporate Website
  8. Portfolio Website
  9. Personal Website
  10. Community Forum Website etc

What is online earning?

Online earning means the method of making money with the help of the internet. Online earning includes e-commerce, owning a website, blogging. Online earning has become the best source of income generation nowadays. People can earn money online with their actual jobs.

Importance of Earning Money

In the modern era, no one can deny earning online. It is getting more important these days because it is very convenient and easy. In the subcontinent, it has become the main source of income for women where they cannot go out of their homes. They can earn from their home any time and according to their convenience. They can work at their beds, TV launch, Day, Night and anytime. Another benefit of online earning is freedom. You are out of time bracket and office restrictions. Your events and celebrations never disturb the boring office routine. At the online platforms, you get a chance to interact with the global community which enhances your exposure and abilities. You learn more in the global village.

Popular methods to earn money Online

If you are passionate and want to earn millions of dollars then don’t worry. Basic English, digital knowledge, content writing practice, and motivation can lead you to piles of rupees. We will provide you with information on multiple methods of online earning here.

  • You can write for yourself. This is slow but consistent source of income
  • You can write for someone other and earn money with no time
  • One can write blogs on different niches which is best source of online earning
  • Visuals have more power than words. YouTube helps you to create visual content and make money.
  • Stock market trading is the emerging platform in the subcontinent. Here you have small amount of money to invest and make it double. You can earn lot money if you have skills of stock market.  One needs to obtain Trading and Demat Account to start trading.
  • Freelancing is the most emerging platform to earn money online in these days. If one is marketer, designer, content writer, editor and programmer then freelancing is the best source of earning.

Best Online money earning websites in Pakistan (Online Earning Websites in Pakistan)


Rooze.Pk is an emerging portal for job seekers in Pakistan. Thousands of organic visitors visit this portal to seek good online jobs. Rozee.Pk emerged in 2011 and became famous in a short span of time. The job hunter and employers can use it to find an online job and to get services. An online job seeker will get access to the website after an initial introduction with You can become a part of the team of Rozee.Pk after answering several questions. Team evaluate your documents and interaction and then provide you with a job according to your abilities. finds and hires talented freelancers all over the globe. It provides opportunities to the customers and clients at the same time. One can easy to search for a job or client in no time. There is jobs categorization that can easily lead you to your desired destination. You can easily deal with professional service providers and grab the good opportunity to work with high professional employees and employers. The major work opportunities of this platform revolve around the web, IT, and software development. As an employer, you post the task and offer a certain amount whereas an employee can hunt the task which matches with our perfect skills for amount. is a freelancing website that gives you access to find clients and earn money online. This platform is rich in customer service.  It takes much care of the employers and the freelancers. The security and wages of the employees are the core purpose of this platform. If you are an expert in programming, photo editing, video editing, and any other digital skill you can Log In here.


99designs is a freelancer platform based in Australia. This platform is for freelancers who have expertise in fashion designing and graphic designing. This platform was made for designers and web development. The company has 175000 designers from 192 countries. Here customers can contact clients directly.


Freelancer is also an Australian-based freelancing website that provides opportunities to potential employers to post jobs that freelancers can grab immediately.  This is a splendid platform for freelancers remotely. With respect to payment, this platform is fully secured and reliable. provides a relaxed and friendly environment. According to your feasibility, you can work on this platform. It is highly convenient for mothers who cannot only work according to their convenience. After working with, you can also learn the skills like teamwork, self-motivation, time management, and project management.


Is Upwork legit? Yes, Upwork is a legit and totally legitimate freelancing Platform. It started its services in 2015 and now it is the largest freelancing platform with 18 million freelancing from all over the world. If you are a motivated freelancer with legitimate skills, you can flourish in your future here. Team of Upwork is so active that it kicks out the client or customer who goes against its terms and conditions. There is payment protection for freelancers. One can provide the following services on the Upwork.

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Engineering and Architecture
  • Legal
  • HR Training
  • Admin and Customer Support
  • Writing and Translation
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Design and Creative
  • Development and IT


Fiver is a freelancing platform where one can buy and sell his services with confidence. This is the world’s largest market place which has a database of 3 million gigs. On Fiver, the seller list his gigs( services), and buyers purchase them if they are interested and satisfied.  Fiver works the same as the middleman and satisfies both parties. Fiver’s gigs fall under the following categories,

  • Lifestyle
  • Business
  • Music and Audio
  • Tech and Programming
  • Video and Animation
  • Writing and translation
  • Graphic designing
  • Digital Marketing


You have listened that a photo is equal to one thousand words. But when we talk about many moving pictures then converts into many thousand words. You can express your point in a few minutes compared to hundreds of words.  You can make the videos according to your interest and upload them on YouTube. After monetization, you can earn many dollars. These channels include cooking, guide, education, sports, news, doctors, health, tourism, and many more. You can opt for one of the aforementioned and start earning through YouTube.


Google and Amazon Employees Demand Cancellation of the Agreement with Israel

Amazon is a platform where you can sell and purchase things.  This was launched in 2000 and became the largest marketplace in 2014. Amazon’s product line includes games, toys tools, sporting goods, musical instruments, books, DVDs, CDs, gadgets, apparel, cosmetics, electronics, gourmet products, groceries, and health-related products. If you have the skills of digital marketing you can promote different brands using various platforms.  You can launch your own store or you can sell the products of others. is also working on the same line as Amazon. You can establish your brand or shop to sell the items like bats, mobiles, undergarments, furniture, vehicles, accessories, jewelry, shoes, and many more. You can also provide marketing services to different brands and clients. Daraz is famous in the subcontinent and journeying to get more customer satisfaction. You can also start your business journey with it to make your future glorious.


This article will obviously help you to know about the importance of technology and skills.  Learn Digital skills have become the lifeline of human. The digital divide may put you behind the benches where the skillful people may lead you. So, it is compulsory for you to learn one of the upper mentioned digital skills to make yourself fit in this technological global world. You should keep the term “survival the fittest” in mind and earn the money through modern digital ways. Life without a screen would be a body without blood in the future.

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