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PIA Decides to Reduce the number of Its Employees

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plans to reduce its employee-to-aircraft ratio to save billions of rupees in the coming year.

The European Union's Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has refused to lift travel bans on Pakistan, saying it would review them before allowing resumption of flights from Pakistan.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plans to reduce its employee-to-aircraft ratio to save billions of rupees in the coming year.

According to the Dawn newspaper, PIA has reduced the number of employees for aircraft from 550 to 260 under the latest reforms.

A PIA spokesman said the agency plans to reduce that number to 220 personnel per aircraft this year.

According to PIA chief Air Marshal Arshad Malik, the reduction in the number of employees would save the airline up to Rs 8 billion annually. He said that the restructuring process would not compromise the capacity and quality of the airline.

According to the spokesperson, the move would bring the national airline up to international aviation standards.

The reduction in manpower was in the form of a voluntary segregation scheme as well as the dismissal of employees on fake degree holders and disciplinary grounds.

The spokesman said the voluntary separation scheme reduced 1,900 employees, while 837 employees were fired on fake degrees and 1,100 employees on disciplinary grounds.

In 2020, PIA had set a target of reducing the number of employees for 29 aircraft from 7,500 to 8,000 through a voluntary separation scheme and separation of basic and non-basic responsibilities, bringing the total to 7,000.

In a report submitted to the Supreme Court, the PIA administration had stated that PIA has 14,000 employees for 29 aircraft, while 31,000 employees are working for 329 Turkish Airlines planes.

At present, according to the data submitted to the court on the ratio of employees to aircraft, 46 thousand for 240 planes of Qatar Airways, 62 thousand 356 for 269 planes of Emirates, 21 thousand 530 for 102 planes of Etihad Airways. PIAK has 14,500 employees for 29 aircraft.

The PIA chief added that the airline plans to add state-of-the-art low-fuel aircraft to its fleet in the coming years, hoping that this will increase the airline’s productivity and efficiency.

During a recent press conference, Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan had said that while the Corona epidemic had gripped airlines around the world, PIA had increased its revenue and reduced operational costs.

He said PIA had added two new A320s to its fleet last year and four new A320s would be added to the fleet by mid-2022.

He also revealed that six such aircraft had been reclaimed on the basis of ownership, the lease of which was about to expire, including two 777s and four A320s.

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