For the first time in the history of the UAE, Friday was not a weekly holiday and schools and business centers remained open.

According to the AFP news agency, the United Arab Emirates has changed the weekly holiday and now there will be a holiday on Saturday and Sunday.

In the UAE, Fridays were always a holiday due to the gathering of prayers and at the same time a holiday was given on Thursdays. However, after 2006, the weekly holiday was changed to Friday.

However, a large number of people are still unhappy with the change as they closed their business centers on Friday but kept a large number of businesses open while the children went to school as usual.

Despite the end of the weekly holiday on Friday, people in the UAE continued to come to the mosques in large numbers for Friday prayers as usual, but a large number returned to their offices after the prayers.

Rachel King, a 22-year-old British man who has lived in Dubai for six months, is unhappy with the change and says she would rather have a weekly holiday on Friday.

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“We’ve always seen Fridays as a holiday and like it, we go to places that are open, but now we have to do it on Sundays,” he said.

The UAE had announced to change the weekly Friday holiday in December last year in order to match the countries for increased business competition and better business opportunities from Saudi Arabia.

Under the new procedure, government offices and schools in the UAE will be open one and a half days a week and will be closed at 12 noon before the Friday prayers.

When polling was conducted from 195 businesses for this new change, only 23% of businesses seemed to agree on business procedures for four and a half days.

With the extraordinary change this Friday, business routines have not been so fast as a large number of staff are working from home in view of the increasing number of code cases while children are also taking online classes at the school.

Ahmed Balbassi, a 34-year-old bank employee, said: “I find it strange to be working on Friday for the first time today. ۔

While this change has taken place in the United Arab Emirates, another Gulf state, Sharjah, has announced a three-day holiday on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


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