A tech expert revealed that the iPhone coming in 2023 will be equipped with Periscope to enhance its Zooming abilities. The analyst highlighted some interesting information about the upcoming iPhone.

According to the report of Jeff Pu, the new Apple Phone will be adorned with periscope which will further increase its capabilities of Zooming views.

This ability will make able the iPhone 15 cover more space of the photo with the help of the Telephoto lens. Using this smartphone, the user would zoom the photo without blurriness.

Such kind of rumors is part of the gossips since 2020 but now it is confirmed that the iPhone 15 will have the aforementioned features.

It is worth noting that Huawei P40 Pro Plus and Samsung Galaxy S 21 are using the same technology. This technology allows them to zoom the photo up to 10 x.

Quality Photos remained the priority of the iPhone and Periscope technology will help to maintain the picture quality at all.

Some tech giant has said that there is no surety in these reports yet. It is too early to say something sure about this. At the same time, one can predict that iPhone can follow Samsung and Huawei to keep in the competition.

Two years are left to witness all the realities which are now as rumors.

Many reports highlighted that the iPhone 15 will be free from the SIM slot.


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