Apple has become the first company in the world to cross the $ 3 trillion milestones. Experts say that Apple will maintain its lead over its rivals Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Tesla.

Apple products iPhone, MacBook, and Apple Services have beaten Chinese rivals Vivo and Xiaomi in sales for two consecutive months in China, the world’s largest consumer market.

Apple has now become the world’s first company with a market value of three trillion dollars. Apple shares have risen above $ 182.88 after rising 2.5 percent.

Apple’s share price has risen 5,800 percent since Steve Jobs first unveiled the iPhone in 2007. However, after the death of Steve Jobs, Tim Cook took over the company and the company was not limited to the iPhone and aggressively increased its profits through video streaming and music.

The company is still focusing on 5G, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence, and plans for self-drivers are in the pipeline.

Jack Dollarhide, CEO of Longbow Asset Management Oklahoma, called it a celebration, saying “Apple is now the star in the eyes of investors.

Apple has become the first company in the world to cross the $ 3 trillion milestone.

” Scott Run of the Wells Fargo Investments Institute says Apple’s experience shows that the market lifts a company with a strong foundation and balance sheet.

Apple’s nearest rival, Microsoft, is worth $ 2.5 trillion, AlphaBeat Inc.,, Inc., and Tesla, Inc. have a market value of over $trillion, while Saudi Arabian Oil is worth $ 1.9 trillion.


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