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Samsung Reveals New and Unique TV Models for 2022

Samsung Reveals New and Unique TV Models for 2022

Samsung Reveals New and Unique TV Models for 2022

Samsung has introduced its new televisions for 2022, which will be available to consumers in a few months. Samsung unveiled new TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Notable among these are flagship new QLED models with unique models such as The Frame Art T, Expensive Micro LEDT, and BasicQLVD models.

Samsung Frame TV:

Photo Via Twitter

Samsung has been developing this uniquely designed TV for many years, which not only allows you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies but also displays art pieces.

During CES 2022, Samsung introduced a new model of The Frame TV with a new anti-reflective screen to make the art pieces look more real.

According to the company, the new screen is like a piece of paper and canvas.

Apart from the new screen, the TV has not been significantly enhanced and 4K resolution, QLED technology with quantum dots, and dual-LED backlight structure are prominent features.

These TVs will be available in 32 to 85-inch screens while the availability date and prices have not been announced yet.

Samsung Micro LED TV:

Photo Via Twitter

Micro LEDs are a new screen technology, closer to OLEDs than LCDs, which provide financial black levels and high brightness, as millions of tiny LEDs capture the image directly.

As far as picture quality is concerned, it is even better than OLEDs. Samsung introduced this technology-based TV in 2021 on a commercial basis.

But the 110-inch TV is selling for more than half a million dollars, but the company introduced a new and smaller 89-inch model at the CES.

The company has made a few more additions to the screen, as well as added a new chip structure for better colors.

Similarly, the audio has been further enhanced by the Dolby Atmos, and the TV can project audio corresponding to the movements of on-screen objects.

According to Samsung, the new model is bezel-less.

A multi-view mode has also been added so that 4 programs can be viewed simultaneously on the TV simultaneously while there is also an art mode.

The company has not yet announced the prices and availability of new Micro LED TVs for 2022.

Samsung New QLED TV:

Photo Via Twitter

This is Samsung’s flagship TV that will be available in 4K and 8K resolutions.

According to the company, the shape adaptor light control feature will be able to match on-screen objects and static light.

Another feature is the Object Depth in Hanser which will help to keep the objects separate from each other in the background.

Samsung is also introducing a new gaming hub for specific TV models to access different games in one place.

This was done with the help of Google Stadia, Nvidia G Force Now, and Atomic Gaming Libraries, which do not require a console or other hardware to play.

The TV will also have a 144 Hz refresh rate for gaming, while the main home page will now be full screen and show a list of TV shows or movies from various streaming platforms that have not yet been fully watched.

Like 2021, in 2022 Samsung has made the new solar remote control part of the TV and this time it will be able to recharge from radio viewers like Wi-Fi routers.

A new feature is Watch Together which is similar to the Watch Party apps of various streaming services in which your favorite shows can be shared with friends and family.

Samsung has not announced the availability or pricing of this new TV model.

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