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Rameez Raja Outlines Priorities For The Year 2022

Rameez Raja Outlines Priorities For The Year 2022

Rameez Raja Outlines Priorities For The Year 2022

Chairman PCB Rameez Raja expressed his best wishes and best wishes for the new year. He said that the new year is very happy and prayed that 2022 would bring new happiness to the national cricket team.

Chairman PCB Rameez Raja has said that empowering the captain has given continuity to the performance of the national cricket team.

Making Pathway and the best cricket infrastructure in the country for talented players participating in Edge Group cricket will be my priority in the year 2022. I have decided to give stipends and competitive cricket to Edge Group cricketers.

Under-19s and women are working for PSL, T-10 cricket tournament can be considered in Pakistan. Drop-in and hybrid pitches are working fast.

The focus is on building new rooms in the stadium and high-performance center in Islamabad. The appointment of national cricket team coaches has been discussed with captain Babar Azam, Mohammad Rizwan, and Thaqleen Mushtaq.

The general impression is that foreign coaches should be appointed along with the national team.

Fans are the assets of national cricket, we will provide them with all possible facilities, the year 2022 is a bumper year for Pakistan cricket fans. Big teams will come to Pakistan this year.

It is hoped that Australia and England will come to Pakistan in spite of the extraordinary situation of Coved 19, the series has been set at a time when the big players of both the teams can come to Pakistan.

Stakeholders’ confidence in the board is enhanced by the performance of the national cricket team and the policies of the PCB. There are cricket, commercial, and administration which I want to see the best.

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