Many online games have become very popular in recent times. In this article, we present to you a list of the best online games of 2021 very fast, which has made many of the users of the online game entertained and become happy. These games are downloaded millions of times worldwide. Playing games in free time has become a hobby for the younger generation.

There are plenty of pros and cons of online games. This has got the shape of big industry in the modern technological world. People even from the village spend huge time of their lives playing online games and earning money.

This is the point of concern for the parents that online playgrounds have engulfed the real grounds. A newborn baby takes the start of his life journey with mobile or gadget instead of crawling on the land. These trends will harm the world. The online wrestling ground will destroy the real arenas and stop the production of many wrestlers in the world.

Let come to our topic. Every year, thousands of online games are produced. Hundreds of them become successful to get space in your mobile phones and computers. Here are the ten best online games which can entertain you.

1: Fortnite:

Top 10 Most Popular Online Games In 2021

Fortnight Battle Royale is a game where you will find yourself watching live and multiplayer battles, in which 100 players fight horrific battles for survival until only one player remains on the battlefield. And this time, Fortnight is the credit for this version of Battle Royale. For Android devices, it belongs to Epic Games Studios. The developer team has kept all the original scenes as well as the original gameplay, which preserves the quality and aesthetics of the game.

The most important new feature of this game compared to other Battle Royale games is that it allows you to build buildings on your playing field. Using these buildings as shelters, to find ammunition, and to protect oneself. To build temporary walls and stairs you will need to pick up the basic materials. At the same time, you will have to deal with a hidden obstacle that keeps expanding and contracting and is designed to keep you alert and in motion throughout each game.

Visually, the game is very similar to its PC and console versions, as it is built on Unreal Engine 4. Also, this is a completely free game, if you want to buy some aesthetic improvements that you can buy through the application. Additionally, Epic Games is standardizing gameplay between different versions for different devices, which means you’ll be able to take part in PvP battles with other players who play PC, PS4, Xbox One, iOS, and Android.

Fortnight Battle Royale is already considered one of the best games of 2018. The Android version is designed to gain a large following of online players around the world.

2: Raid Shadow Legend:

Top 10 Most Popular Online Games In 2021

Now you can play one of the most popular mobile RPG games on PC. Combat management and team management in raids requires some strategic thinking, even with such veterans. There are over 300 heroes for you to collect in the game, each with its own unique stats and abilities, which means you need to modify and improve your team to maximize the power of your characters. You can compete with other players in Coop, Big, Red mode, or online or defeat your team in a battle to win valuable prizes.

3: Magic The Gathering:

Top 10 Most Popular Online Games In 2021

Recent card gamers may turn to games like Guantanamo or The Elder Scrolls: Legends of Themed Phillips that feature some new mechanics, but if you want a real challenge you can’t beat Charming: The Gathering Arena.

Valuable Card Game Coast’s state-of-the-art digital port wizards are definitely not for the faint of heart – it’s based on a trading card game that has been running since 1993, so you can only imagine the number of cards used and the number of keywords. Gathering Arena does a great job of shedding some of these historical bags while retaining most of the intricacies that make magic special, and it comes complete with all the board animations and sensual pleasures.

4: The World of Tanks:

Top 10 Most Popular Online Games In 2021

One of the most powerful PC tank games ever, World of Tanks 1.0 is an accessible and exciting tank simulation game based on sophisticated game mechanics. It pitted two teams of tankers against each other in a classic death scene. There are hundreds of vehicles to open up to ten different levels, from speed scouts to megawatts. You will be amazed at how many tanks Wargaming has managed to tear down.

5: Genshin Impact:

Top 10 Most Popular Online Games In 2021

Genshin Impact has made a lot of comparisons to Breath of the Wild, and it’s not hard to see why. Its open world is huge and amazingly beautiful, but it also has plenty of resources to collect, prepare and cook, not to mention the puzzles and small bosses on which the basic forces with the environment instead of starting to quarrel.

The main story will keep you fighting for the first XNUMX hours, but mostly because the big open world keeps pulling you in every direction with the promise of clearing camps, solving puzzles, and shining new loot. Will, There are parts of the open world that you won’t be able to handle without access to some of the characters hidden behind mechanics, but you can enjoy the whole central story and most of the open world is relatively uninterrupted paid mechanics.

6: Conqueror Blade

Top 10 Most Popular Online Games In 2021

Conqueror Blade embrace your inner knight as you engage in an epic siege battle in Victory Blade. Choose a hero from the medieval classes and lead him to war, taking a small battalion of soldiers under seemingly invincible siege. Gameplay shifts between third-person battles and top-down scenes of 30-player battles, so it’s important to make the best use of your siege and command clever tactics to keep your troops victorious and alive.

7: ArcheAge

Top 10 Most Popular Online Games In 2021

Arch Age is the closest thing we have to a suitable pirate MMO. You can try to rule the endless seas as a notorious pirate or choose the humble seller of handmade items. The working system – the way Archie portals its content – may take some time to get used to, but it’s still a free gaming experience.

Even if you’re not after one of the pirate games, there are plenty of classic fantasy MMO elements to keep you happy. Yes, magic swords and luxurious coaches are still a big part of the Arch Age. Behind the Dragon Stands is some of this coach – the royal assassins are created by players who want to control the skies and oceans.

8: Star Conflict

Top 10 Most Popular Online Games In 2021

Star Conflict is a bright and colorful space simulation that puts you in a massively multiplayer world; Star Conflict drops you in the middle of an interplanetary skirmish involving both PvE and PvP. Its vanity is as vast as the other strip of space you would call it, while its crowded, man-made surface atmosphere is reminiscent of the twisted tunnels of the Descent series.


Top 10 Most Popular Online Games In 2021

Lots of great things started out as jokes: bacon-flavored cola, loyal backbone fans, teenage mutant ninja turtles, and now food royalties. This free-fighting royal game where you add pots and plates to yourself instead of the squad-based MMO shooter started as a spin-off, but it quickly lost its player. Got base. And it’s easy to see why the freedom to be “fun” allowed developer Dark Flow software to experiment with mechanics that PUBG wouldn’t even dare think about, such as demonic forces, heroes, and even Jet pack.

Final Remarks:

Online games are good to play and spend extra time of the day. Here Techburaq is going to leave advice for you. Readers should not compromise on their health. They should spend their extra time in extracurricular activities. They should play some games like cricket, hockey football; volley Ball, badminton and table tennis regularly. Online games should not be your lifeline. You must not be addicted to online games because these games only ruin your physical health and damage your precious organ like your eyes. So, take online games just as fun. Keeps the ground surrounding you as your first priority.


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