Punjab Minister for Excise, Taxation, and Narcotics Control Hafiz Mumtaz Ahmed has said that the Cabinet has approved an agreement between the Excise Department and NRTC to install Radio Frequency Identification Device (Vehicles Passport) in vehicles.

Addressing a press conference at Excise Office Lahore, Hafiz Mumtaz Ahmed said that this is a revolutionary plan of the PTI government.

A ministerial committee is being formed to work out details regarding the agreement. Traffic Police, Department of Transport, and other agencies will work together to prepare vehicle passports.

Vehicles will be chipped which will automatically collect all the information including tax, vehicle, driver data, criminal records of all departments. Toll plazas, parking plazas and other important places will be chipped.

Hafiz Mumtaz Ahmed said that the price of a chip would be Rs.1000. Provincial Minister for Excise Hafiz Mumtaz Ahmed said that the cabinet has given huge relief in property tax. The reduction in property tax will provide relief of Rs 3.4 billion to 15,000 units.

Hafiz Mumtaz Ahmed said that the Punjab government has provided relief to the business community. An important step has been taken to provide it. The Cabinet has declared null and void the decision taken to increase the property tax.

Hafiz Mumtaz Ahmed said that no increase has been made in the property tax. Property taxpayers will be adjusted in the next tax fee. The excise minister said that new property tax challans will be received soon. Hafiz Mumtaz Ahmed said that the amendment in Provincial Motor Vehicles Ordinance 1965 has been approved for the registration of electric vehicles.

The excise department is using the most modern technology. Mumtaz Ahmed said that the deadlock for smart cards was 1.1 million which has now reached zero. The process of preparation and delivery of number plates is in full swing. The deadlock of number plates will be removed soon. The excise department is going to end the open letter transfer policy.

The excise department is introducing a biometric system for buying and selling of vehicles. The biometric system will be launched in December this year. Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar will inaugurate this grand project.

He said that the auction of attractive number plates is being conducted online. The owner of the vehicle can also submit the application form for number plates online on the website of the Excise Department. Hafiz Mumtaz Ahmed said that e-auction is a masterpiece of modernization of the Excise Department. The excise department is going to introduce more advanced features in e-auction.

The facility of submitting security fees online is also being provided in e-auction. Excise offices will not have to come to submit a security demand draft for e-auction. The excise department has got huge revenue in terms of the auction. The excise department has got Rs 330 million in e-auction.

A smart card is a big gift of the PTI government to the people. Excise Punjab has been digitized.  The deadline of 9 lakhs was 1 lakh which has been completely cleared Czar vehicles are registered. Smart cards are also being provided to these vehicles immediately after registration. Excise department Punjab has achieved a unique and prominent position in innovation, service delivery.

Hafiz Mumtaz Ahmed said that Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Minister Usman Bazdar The leadership will continue the mission of public service.


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