MG Chairman Javed Afridi’s latest tweet circulating on social media raised questions in the minds of Carlos.

Javed Afridi Tweet

Another bombshell was dropped after MG announced the launch of a series of new car models.

In a tweet from Chairman Javed Afridi on Twitter, he is standing with the CEO in the offices of MG UK and also has a model of MG Sports EV Cyberster. Is there any indication that MG Sports EV is going to be launched in Pakistan?

Production of this state-of-the-art sports car began in May. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

The two-seater Cyberstar MG Sports is an electric car that can reach a speed of 62 miles per second in just three seconds and is capable of covering a distance of 497 miles on a single charge.

Equipped with 5G connectivity, the Cyberstar “Magic Eye” is equipped with LED headlights that will turn on when the engine is turned on like a traditional MG sports car.

Javed Afridi Tweet

The car has “laser belt” LED strips with panels on all four sides. The rear lights of the car are also LED and the British flag is in the style of Union Jack.


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