Breakfast is a very important meal which provides you the energy for the whole day. It has the potential to either make or break your day. Breakfast not only helps you to be more energetic and efficient but also enhances your memory. It makes you more active and smart in your office or shop.

But for those who want to lose weight and control their diet better, it is important to adopt more balanced breakfast habits. Breakfast helps in maintaining body weight and makes all digestive organs more active. Below you can find out what nutritionists say about the best breakfast habits.

Focus on protein:

Protein is an important nutrient for many reasons but it is essential for weight loss as it helps to keep the stomach full for a long time. This means that you are less likely to want to eat more after a protein-rich breakfast. That’s why experts say it’s best to start the day with a protein-rich breakfast. “Protein has a better effect than other nutrients. A breakfast full of eggs, yogurt, etc. is excellent in this regard.

Always have breakfast after exercise:

Most people think that they need breakfast before exercising in the morning, but this is not true. This is because the body accumulates energy for 30 to 60 minutes of moderate exercise in the morning after dinner. Experts say that when we exercise on an empty stomach, we burn more glucose that is stored, so the body is more likely to burn fat for energy. But this does not mean that you should get up in the morning and start exercising very hard, but it is also okay to do a little or less intense exercise, just have breakfast within 30 minutes after exercise.

Don’t forget to drink water:

According to experts, 60% of our body is made up of water and we need enough water to keep our body functioning properly. An adequate amount of water in the body is essential for healthy digestion which helps in achieving healthy body weight and feeding fat, so drinking one or two glasses of water before breakfast can be very helpful.

Don’t eat breakfast in a hurry:

Most people are accustomed to eating breakfast as soon as possible, but those who want to lose weight should make the first meal of the day a comfortable meal. Experts say that there should be an interval of at least 12 hours between dinner and breakfast in order to increase body fat. “The logic behind this is that when we eat breakfast daily, the insulin level rises in response to high blood sugar.” According to experts, “It informs our body that there is plenty of energy available in it. So we don’t have to store fat,” it told.

Good food choice:

Maintaining healthy eating habits is essential for weight loss; no positive change can be sustained for long without training your body.

This is why experts recommend that you should choose a good breakfast, chew well and enjoy the taste, such habits are helpful in losing weight.

Drinks and other items that stimulate metabolism:

Spices and beverages can boost metabolism in the morning. Drinking green tea helps in dissolving fats and if you add ginger to the tea, it also stimulates the metabolism. A pinch of cinnamon in tea or coffee helps keep blood sugar levels moderate and helps maintain a healthy diet. Keep in mind that all this does not bring about a magical reduction in body weight, but it does help in achieving the goal gradually.

Avoid the following things in the breakfast:

Breakfast is a very important meal. It is already written that it can either make or break your day. But there are some habits that can make your breakfast less healthy and even more harmful. Avoid the following things during breakfast.

Have a different breakfast every day?

According to a British study, people who eat a variety of things at breakfast have a 90% increased risk of developing obesity and heart disease.

Never distance from nutritious food:

If you are diabetic, breakfast should be a solid breakfast, as regular and nutritious breakfasts can help lower blood sugar and blood pressure in a few weeks, according to a recent Israeli study. A protein-rich breakfast lowers appetite-boosting hormone levels.

Don’t breakfast late:

If one doesn’t feel hungry after waking up in the morning, then check he should check his eating habits, he will probably eat a lot at night. However, if you do not feel hungry in the morning, it is better to eat something after waking up. One should eat apples or bananas so that the body’s metabolism can start its work.

Never breakfast in Hurry:

If you are in a hurry to go to the office or somewhere and pick up something and eat it, this habit will not be enough to fill your stomach, as a result of which the skin will start to feel hungry again and this will force you to use the inferior products of the market. This will cause obesity. While swallowing food by chewing fast also has negative effects on the digestive system.

Avoid the uses of sweets:

The use of sweets for breakfast increases the amount of sugar in the body.  As a lot of sugar is used for fat preparation, as a result of which a small amount of it fills the stomach while its sweetness lowers blood sugar at the same time. The level rises and soon the appetite starts again which leads to junk food.

Never use fat-free milk:

The use of fat-free milk seems to be a good choice for weight loss, but what good will it does the body if it can’t digest it? Ordinary milk is a better choice for breakfast while fat-free milk should be used at other times of the day.

Avoid from the Flavor milk:

If you use flavor milk like almond, soy, or coconut milk as a healthy alternative to regular milk, know that there is no benefit if they contain sweetness. People make more sugary body parts in the form of flavor milk that they don’t even realize.

Use protein and healthy fats:

Proteins provide energy to the body. Whereas healthy fats prevent premature hunger and bloating. So a breakfast rich in healthy fats and proteins like eggs, nuts, butter, and yogurt is perfect for the body.

Do not drink coffee empty stomach:

Using up coffee or tea on an empty stomach proves to be very acidic for the body. It can force you to not take breakfast throughout the day. In fact, it can be detrimental to one’s appetite, energy levels, and ability to concentrate.

Take calorie-free tea or coffee:

Coffee or tea, both contain calories, carbohydrates and sugar. Unless you are familiar with drinking tea or coffee without milk or sugar amount of calories in these drinks increases significantly. With the addition of milk and sugar, the amount of calories in these drinks enhances considerably, which leads to weight gain on a long-term basis. Adding cinnamon instead of sugar helps in controlling blood sugar.

Fruit juices:

If you are comfortable drinking canned fruit juices available in the market for breakfast, then drinking them at once gives you a sense of power due to the sugar in them. But soon the blood sugar level drops and becomes cheaper for the body. Eating fruit is a better alternative than juice because fresh juices contain many ingredients.

Do not Eat yolk free eggs:

Whites Egg are a low-fat, low-calorie protein component of the body. Whereas yolks are rich in iron, vitamin B, and vitamin D. The urge to eat does not arise. If you are worried about cholesterol, you can limit the number of eggs to five to eight in a week, however, according to medical science, the chances of raising cholesterol levels from eggs are very low.

Don’t add too much cream to tea or coffee:

Coffee or tea is not healthy when it is mixed with fat-rich cream and sugar, so it is important to avoid it.

Avoid too much salt:

Like sugar, too much salt for breakfast is harmful. Excessive salt intake causes water to accumulate in the body which makes the stomach bloated.


From the above lines, it is concluded that breakfast is the lifeline. Those who take breakfast regularly enjoy life compared to those who do not eat breakfast. Breakfast is the warehouse that is full of energy. So, following the aforementioned advice eat those which are recommended but avoid those which show red signals for you. Try to adopt the habit of exercising regularly. This will make your all-body organ active and will help you to enjoy your sexual life.


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