It is estimated that 92.6% or 4.32 billion people worldwide use the Internet with a mobile device, which is why Wi-Fi signals need to be strong and no one wants to be disconnected from the Internet during an important task. Now the Wi-Fi Rooter has become the important thing of every house. Strong Wi-Fi signals are the desire of everyone. When Wi-Fi signals disappear the panic takes place in the house. Sometimes signals become weak to help us enjoy the internet. We search for different methods to make our Wi-Fi stronger. First of all, you have to know about the Wi-Fi.

What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is a wireless communication technology that allows infrared to connect electronic devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, or cell phones to the Internet, using radio frequencies or transmitting the information.

Wi-Fi is actually an acronym for Wireless Loyalty Trademark, which means ‘Wireless or Wireless Loyalty’ in English. In Spanish, it is recommended to write Wi-Fi without script, without small and small diagonals. It also depends on the preference and context; it can be used in masculine or feminine.

Here are 7 tips to help you make the most of your internet speed to make your Wi-Fi singles powerful.

1: Test your internet speed

Before moving on to any technical solution you need to test your internet speed so that you know if you are getting the speed for which the internet provider is charging you. The best way to test internet speed is to connect your computer to an internet router with another internet cable and then test the net speed on that computer.

Do a speed test on Google to test the speed. You will find many websites that will test the speed of your net and inform you of the results. If the results are less than what the company has stated, then it is important for you to contact the company so that they can fix the fault in your line which is affecting the speed.

2: Router position

The main reason for the weakness of Wi-Fi signals is that the router is installed in an inappropriate place which interferes with its signals. The best place for a router is in the middle of the house where it should be kept in an open space so that its signals can be spread well. The suitable position of the router helps you to enjoy strong Wi-Fi signals every time.

3: Place the router in the correct position

Normally 2 antennas are installed on the top of the router to send signals but their direction must be correct because if you put the antenna down then the Wi-Fi signals will spread more from bottom to top and mostly The signals will go to the ground and be lost, but if you keep its antennas in a vertical position, the signals will spread all around and go farther.

4: Remove unnecessary users

The more users you connect to your router, the more the speed of your net will be affected. You can change the Wi-Fi password and even go to the router’s settings page via computer and block it from unknown people. Make sure that no visitor uses your Wi-Fi. To avoid this you should also change the password of your Wi-Fi every month. In this way, you will be able to avoid Wi-Fi hackers and visitors.

5: Unused Devices

If you are not getting good internet speed then turn off the internet on all devices where the internet is not being used, such as mobile. I have a lot of software that keeps using your internet even when the mobile is off and affects the speed.

6: Router Software Update

Usually after installing the router people forget about it and never go to its sting page to check that there is a new software update for this router which affects the internet speed so it is necessary. The router’s software should be checked for updates at least once a month and if there is an update it should be installed.

7: Wi-Fi extender

If the Wi-Fi signals in a room or on the roof of the house are weak despite following the above instructions, then install a Wi-Fi extender device. This device will act as a booster for your signals and you’re net. This will not device will not allow signals to weaken too far.


For freelancers and digital marketers, Wi-Fi has become much essential. They cannot afford the poor or weak Wi-Fi at any cost. So, these techniques are going to help millions of people around the world. Follow the given instructions and enjoy your strong Wi-Fi signals anywhere. When all these techniques do not work properly then you may consult the company which provides you the internet package. You can also switch to another company to make your work more smooth and avoid panic.


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