Electricity is a basic need and life is almost impossible without it in the present age. But the rising cost of this basic need and its expensive bill every month especially in summer is like lightning in the pocket and wasting the household budget.

This article will mention 10 ways to save electricity that you can use to significantly reduce your electricity bill and increase your savings.

1: Save water in the home

Did you know that a red water pump in a typical home consumes 3 to 4 units of electricity per hour? Therefore, use less water in bathing and especially when brushing and shaving, etc. turn off the water tap and stop washing the floor with water daily for cleaning in the house and after sweeping for cleaning. Wiping with a damp cloth, etc., or using a mop will also give you the best cleaning and where water is not wasted there will be a significant reduction in electricity bill as well as dishwashing utensils for washing dishes first. Soak it in water and then clean it by running a light tap.

2: Disconnect unused electronics from the socket

Normally people let the charger socket of mobile etc. stay on in the same way they turn off the TV from the remote and leave it on standby and also leave the AC on standby after turning off the remote and this bad habit wastes electricity. To do this, disconnect all electronics that you are not using from the socket so that no junk electricity is wasted.

3: Use an inverter AC

Air conditioners have become a necessity in extreme heat but try not to use them during the daytime as it will have a positive effect on your health and also save electricity bills. Use an inverter AC instead of a normal AC and do not keep its outer unit in the sun as it will consume more electricity than the intensity of the sun and turn off the AC with the timer 2 hours before waking up in the morning and insulate the room well. This act will dramatically reduce your electricity bill.

4: Get rid of old TV and desktop computer

If you still use a desktop computer or an old TV, get rid of things these days as they both use a lot of electricity and replace them with laptops and LCDs which are very low power. Spend

5: Prefer the sunlight during day time

During the day try to use natural light and use LED lights for lighting and do not leave them running in vain so that you do not lose electricity.

6: Refrigerator

The refrigerator is also a basic need of the house and a normal-sized refrigerator uses 3 to 4 units of electricity in 24 hours but you can bring it down to less than 2 units with a little care. Keep in a cool place where there is very little sunlight. This will improve the performance of the refrigerator in the summer and the compressor of the refrigerator will not run much. If the frost is frozen, it will start using too much electricity.

Similarly, do not open the refrigerator frequently and arrange for a separate water cooler, etc. for cold water so that the refrigerator door does not have to be opened repeatedly for water and also the thermostat of the refrigerator is 2 degrees for the refrigerator and minus 18 degrees for the freezer. Set to so that the compressor is not overloaded.

7: washing machine and dryer

Both of these electronic devices also use a lot of electricity so wash clothes once a week and do not use the dryer in summer and let the sunlight do this. But if it is necessary to use the dryer then use it before drying clothes. Add a dry towel to it, it will dry the clothes very quickly and save electricity.

8: Ironing clothes

The electric iron attaches to the electricity meter and it starts to fly at high speed. In this modern world, it is impossible to get rid of an electric iron. For office, Meeting, wedding, shopping and even for daily life you have to iron your clothes. Bring a gas iron for this work. It will work better than an electric iron. The bill will also be lower.

9: Avoid Ceiling Fan

Older ceiling fans in the house consume more electricity than you think. When fans are not serviced are getting too old, they consume more electricity than normal. So replace them with new ceiling fans and try to use a wall fan instead of the ceiling fan to generate electricity. If one calculates then the price of bills will be many folds than the price of a new fan. Sensibility lies in the buying of a new fan in the home, office, or factory.

10: Keep electronics clean

Do not allow dust etc. to accumulate on the electronics used in the house, especially after using the AC, because they also use more electricity where the performance of electronics is affected due to dust.

11: Use multiple Electricity Meters

The government announced more tariffs on units above two hundred. If there are more family members or more than one family are living in a single house then multiple meters is the best option. More than one meter can help you to reduce the bill charges. You can install the meter for AC, Pump, home appliances specifically.


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