Several car manufacturers in Pakistan have increased the prices of their vehicles in the last few weeks and the new name is Changan.

The company has posted new ex-factory prices for the vehicles on its official website which will come into effect immediately.

Similarly, the 1.5-liter DCT version of this car has been increased by Rs. 3.3 million. Earlier this car was available at Rs 23 Lacs and 74 thousand. The consumer will have to pay an ex-factory price of Rs. 26 lacs 74 thousand.

The price of Elson’s top-of-line 1.5 liters DCT luminaire has increased from Rs. 25 lacs 89 thousand to Rs. 28 lacs 64 thousand.

According to the prices released on the website, Three lakh rupees have been increased. The base variant of the caravan has increased from Rs. 13 lakh 99 thousand to Rs. 16 lacs 74 thousand while its plus version has increased from Rs. 15 lacs 39 thousand to Rs. 18 lacs 14 thousand.


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