Smartphone has become the need of everyone. You can say that it has become a part of our body and soul. Many companies like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and Vivo are producing billions of smartphones every year. Every new version of any brand comes with more advanced features and specifications. With the passage of time, memory, camera, speed, RAM and ROM are becoming more efficient.

The smartphone is a modern invention that has brought together a lot of everyday things in one place. This trend has not stopped yet but every day some new feature is increasing the capability of the smartphone. In this article, we are going to include 8 features of smartphones that can turn your phone into a great multi-function gadget.

1: Measurement

It is very important to have an inch tape for measuring at home, but it is often the case that the tape is not available at the right time, but the smartphone has eliminated this problem and many free apps on Apple and Android application stores. There are those that help you measure things and to use them you don’t even need a helper to hold the measuring tape on the other side.

2: Remote control test

The remote control cell of TV and AC etc. in the house stops working due to weak cell and it is thought that it is broken but if you have a smartphone then you can use this remote immediately. You can check if its cell is weak or the remote is not working.

For this purpose, insert a new cell in the remote and turn on the camera of the smartphone, turn the infrared bulb of the remote towards the camera and press any button on the remote. If you see a red or pink light emanating from the infrared bulb of a remote on the screen of a smartphone, it is a sign that the remote is working properly. This way you can also check the weak cells to see if they are working.

3: Use  the phone without touching

While cooking at home or doing any other work when hands are dirty, wet, or busy it becomes difficult to use the phone but modern mobile phones have made this problem easier now whether you are using Android or Apple’s iPhone has the advantage of both phones that it can take commands with your hands and voice and you can make calls without touching the phone, type messages and send music and other applications. You can run your mobile phone with a voice and hand gestures simultaneously.

4: Safe driving

If you are driving at night and do not want your eyes to be taken away from the windscreen, then install the HUDWAY application in your phone and increase the screen light of the phone and place the phone on the dashboard. Speed ​​meter and GPS etc. will be reflected on the screen and while driving you will find speed meter and GPS printed on the windscreen.

5: Install the MIGHTYTEXT app for a Text messages from the computer

If your phone is running out of battery and you need to send the necessary messages and emails from the phone, then install the MIGHTYTEXT app. It will sync your phone data with your computer and you can easily send SMS and emails to your phone contacts.

6: Helps in decision making

If you have a meal and you do not like the restaurant or you have to travel and you do not know which would be the better ride car or motorcycle or public transport then install the Decision Crafting app this is the best option for you doing so will save you a lot of valuable time.

7:  Ensure your safety

If you come home late at night or your route is dangerous then install this app called BSafe. In case of any problem, it will automatically send a message to your chosen number, and for you, It will start recording video and audio and will track you by connecting to your GPS and you can select the alarm time on it and if you do not turn off the alarm on time then it will automatically alarm your friends you have selected.

8: YouTube

To mirror the screen you will now find many apps like Google Play Store and App Store which you can use to move your phone screen to the TV screen especially if you have a smart TV. So you can easily watch any YouTube video by transferring it to TV using your phone. For this, your phone and TV must be connected to the same Wi-Fi.


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