The good news is that if you use the web version of WhatsApp, a new feature called Costume Sticker Maker has been added.

This feature will allow users to convert their normal photos into stickers.

Courtesy Dawn

To use this feature, click on the Paper Clip (Attachments) icon in Chat Windows and select the stickers there.

After selecting the sticker, users will be able to upload the image of their choice and shape it into a sticker.

Once loaded, the images can be edited and turned into a perfect sticker.

Image backgrounds can be cut, cropped, emoji, text and other WhatsApp stickers can be made a part of them.

By the way, making your own stickers on WhatsApp is not a new idea.

WhatsApp for Android and iOS devices has a number of third-party apps that help make costume stickers.

But the web version did not have this feature and the company has made it a direct part of its service, so it will definitely be a useful feature for the users.

It’s even easier to edit images, especially on the big screen.

This feature will also be introduced for desktop apps next week after the web version.


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