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Pakistan as an emerging center of IT produces 25000 IT Graduates

According to internet technology company Google, digital transformation could add about Rs 1 trillion to Pakistan’s economic growth by 2030, equivalent to 19% of the country’s current gross domestic product.

A joint report released by GOOGLE and Pakistani internet technology company Pasha ([email protected]) states that Pakistan is developing rapidly in the field of technology and if this momentum continues then a technological revolution will take place in the country.

According to the report, Pakistan is home to more than 300,000 Information Technology (IT) professionals and is currently producing more than 25,000 IT graduates annually.

The report states that over the past decade, more than 700 technology startups have completed training across the country since 2010, while last year, despite the Corona epidemic, technology exports increased by 15%. And at the same rate, an annual increase is being noted.

The report, compiled by economists at Google’s parent company Alpha Beta, suggests three measures that could be used to develop Pakistan.

The report suggests to the Government of Pakistan to develop infrastructure to support the local tech ecosystem, create a conducive environment for IT sector exports, and launch initiatives to promote innovation and digital skills in the country.

The report was unveiled at a function in Islamabad, in which President Dr. Arif Ali also addressed the gathering and expressed satisfaction over the report, saying that the development of IT in the country was a welcome development.

Dr. Arif Alvi further said that in order to achieve the objectives of the report and fulfill the vision of Digital Pakistan, a total nationalist mentality will be required in which public and private sectors are involved.

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