Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has won the prestigious Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum Creative Sports Award.

Imran Khan has been given this award in recognition of his efforts to make Pakistan one of the major cricketing nations.

It should be noted that Pakistan had won the only ODI World Cup in 1992 under the leadership of Imran Khan.

According to Gulf News, Prime Minister Imran Khan has been invited to attend an Expo 2020 event in Dubai on January 9 to receive the award.

This international award is given every year in Dubai to the most prominent personalities of the world.

It should also be mentioned here that Imran Khan is the best bowler of the last 100 years in the ICC Test bowlers’ rankings while he is ranked third overall.

If you look at his cricket career, he has scored 3807 runs in 88 Test matches while taking 362 wickets.

If you look at the record of ODIs, they played a total of 175 matches in which they have scored 182 wickets and scored 3709 runs.

In addition, when he was elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, he said that he wanted to make domestic cricket in Pakistan Australian style while he has finished departmental cricket.

According to the official websites of the awards received by Imran Khan, Imran Khan launched the first project of 63 639 million in 2019 for the welfare of the youth, under which scholarships, including scholarships for young men and women in the field of sports. And opportunities to master will be provided.

According to the website, Imran Khan also announced in June this year to build cricket grounds in more than 4,000 unions and village councils of Pakistan.


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