What is social media?

Social media is made up of two words, one social and the other media. Social means society and gathering whereas media is the medium that we call the media. This is used to convey the message of one person to another. I am giving a clear definition statement so that it is easy to understand.

Media is not necessarily any application. We can also call media any device or device that helps us to get our message from one place to another. The News Channels, Mobile Phones, Telephone, Television, Internet, Application, Social media Sites are all types of media. In today’s modern age, we actually mean only applications as social media.

These apps we mention usually include Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. This is a wrong Concept. If we go to the depth of social media, we will know that social media is not just the name of these apps, but all the means by which we communicate with each other is social media.

Curses of Social Media:

To me, the biggest disadvantage of social media is its distance from religion, which is causing a growing depression among the younger generation. After that, where we can establish relationships with our own, thanks to which we have become very far from our own from our parents and our siblings. Social media is also responsible for the growing distances among us.

We are busy with mobile phones all day long because it is the biggest social media, we have it in our hands, there are many other media’s who are making us distance from their loved ones day by day. We are just lost in this world and the world today is like all robots.

We are now just mechanical human beings, bitterness and irritability have taken the place of feelings like love, affection, and sympathy in our hearts. Man is making progress, but if we look at it, then man has forgotten his true purpose. He doesn’t know why he is sent here.

Man does not the purpose of his coming into the world? The reason is that we spend all day on social media. The hearts of today’s human beings are dead.

Social media is not like that, I say don’t use it, because nowadays everything is related to it, whether it is education or business, but at a limit, because everything looks good only when there is a limit. Anything that goes beyond its limits can cause harm.

How to Get Rid of Social Media Addiction?

Pick up the phone and delete the social media apps in it or deactivate your accounts like us. The world will not go anywhere. It will continue as before. There will be some peace in your life. We are on social media detox these days. Our social media is down and we are writing this blog far from it in our real-life drinking coffee.

If our Instagram was running we would upload photos of our breakfast there before eating and you wouldn’t have to read the details here. Now that we are away from social media, we are forced to break our breakfast news here. Social Media Detox is a specific break from social media that people take to eliminate its negative effects.

How long this break will be, everyone can decide according to their needs. For some people, a weekend break is enough. Some people disappear for a month, while others never return. We realized the need for this break after taking a break. We’ve been feeling weird on social media for days now.

A different world was going on there. Who is what It was impossible to know. Half of the people on Facebook were doing Work at Facebook. Every girl was Papa’s princess and every boy was Attitude Prince. The liar’s bio had a strong hatred of lies. There were posts written on the timeline of the fraudsters against the fraudsters.

They were also posting two or three feet long on mental health due to which the mental health of others is drowning. Everyone was shining on Instagram. Someone applied a moisturizer as if it had been born again. We ran out of moisturizer bottles. It soon became soft and smooth; our life remained as colorless and dull as before.

When someone goes hiking, the fatigue and anxiety of the year is left there. We toured all over Beijing. Let our worries return with us from everywhere. All of us, including Twitter, were intellectuals. Ever since the space feature came along, every human being has been moving from one space to another without being an expert on any subject.

In space, he spoke on ‘Dowry is a curse’. In the next space, she gave a lecture on ‘Women’s Rights in Islam’. He added four sentences on human evolution in the next space and became a poet in the next space. The limit was reached when some feminists, overjoyed at Malala’s marriage, announced the celebration of her absentee henna and motherhood.

Prior to the announcement, she had been jealous of why society considered a woman’s marriage to be her identity and her real success. We asked her if she was equally happy that Malala had graduated from Oxford University or received the Nobel Prize.

It turned out that at that time they had just congratulated him. Those who zoomed in on her wedding photos and saw the details of the embroidery on her dress did not even know the names of her books. Then we realized that the easier it is to speak, the harder it is to act.

The next day we deactivated our social media accounts without thinking. That is the life after that. That is morning and evening.  There is a race that is over. She must feel anxious to check Facebook and Twitter several times a day, but that anxiety disappears as soon as she picks up the phone.

When he went to see a new James Bond movie on the weekend, he took the phone out of his pocket and started taking pictures of the cinema for Instagram, then when he realized it, he put the phone back in his pocket.

It’s not like we’re just flying around or feeling the bitterness in every sip of coffee, or focusing on every movement of the teeth while chewing a toothpick or doing something we have never been able to do.

They are just living life, just moved from the internet to the real world. They are sleeping and waking up according to the times where they are present. Meeting people around. Talking to friends who have not been able to talk for years due to lack of time. And they are trying to do all the educational work that we were not able to do.

If the heart gets tired of them, they will return. In today’s world, it is impossible to live without the internet. However, there is a need for balance in its use which we were not able to do. Only God knows how long they will last.

If you, like us, check your phone over and over again and feel uneasy about not being able to do so. Or scroll through your social media feeds mechanically all the time. Or check your phone every night before going to bed and every morning after waking up and keep checking. Or post about it on social media before doing anything and if you don’t feel like doing it then you need social media detox too.

Concluding Remarks:

Pick one and delete the social media apps in it or deactivate your accounts like us. The world will not go anywhere. It will continue as before. There will be some peace in your life. Be sure to keep in touch with family, friends, and office. When you feel you are ready to go back, come back but with a plan. Use social media to a certain extent so that you do not feel the need for this detox again and again. When using it, keep in mind that it is virtual so that its glare does not make you feel the colorlessness of your life.


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