The Toyota Land Cruiser is a large four-wheel-drive vehicle that is manufactured by the Japanese automaker Toyota. The Prado is one of the smallest cars in the area. Since 2009, the Land Cruiser has been based on Toyota’s J150 platform. In some countries, this equivalent is available as Lexus GX.

First developed in November 1984 as the 70 Series light-duty vehicle. Only available in short body with a soft-top or hardtop (above metal) options. Names like Land Cruiser II, Land Cruiser, and Bundra were created for these “light duty” Land Cruisers.

The Bundra was a short-wheeled wick that measured 2,310 millimeters (90.9 inches) – two doors, a plastic top, and a barn door at the back. The engine had three options, 2.4 L (2366 cc) 22R petrol engine and 2.4 L (2446 cc) 2L and 2L-T diesel and turbocharged diesel engine.

For petrol engines, the transmission is G52 type while the dials use R150 and R151 types. These were the same engines and transmissions used in the 4 Runner in collaboration with Hanu.

Different Generations of Prado:

First Generation:

In April 1990, a new type of Land Cruiser was introduced. This Land Cruiser was featuring a new designer front grille, front fenders, engine hood, and headlamps. At the same time, names like Land Cruiser and Land Cruiser II are used in other parts of the world besides Japan. Despite the body-on-frame design that makes it extremely road-friendly, the car was used in the market.

Second Generation:

In May 1996, the J70 series was replaced by the J90 series Prado, an independent series. The body was long. The design remained medium duty like the J70. The front suspension was replaced by a free design combined with the Tecoma and Hilux surf by Hano. Produced by the J90 Tahira Plant, it is available as a three-door short wheelbase and a five-door long-wheelbase version.

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Third Generation:

This emerged in 2002; the third generation Land Cruiser has modified the front suspension to improve reliability. Development began in 1997 and design work began in 1998, with the winning proposal beginning with Lance Scott of the Toyota ED2 design studio in France, which began in late 1999.

Fourth Generation:

The fourth-generation has been accessible in some markets since October 2009 all over the world. There are two base editions, five doors, and three doors. In the general market, different parts of the five doors are offered in TXL and VXL grades – which are full of many options. This generation of Prado has a range of advanced 4WD and electronic gadgets. This generation of Prado has been introduced in the United States with the luxury trim on the 2010 model year Lexus GX460.

The 80 Series model Land Cruiser, launched in 1989, is considered to be the most successful model ever. Later series 100, 120, 150, and 200 were launched.

This year Toyota is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Land Cruiser, one of its most successful models. When did the first Land Cruiser model arrive? How many million Land Cruisers have been sold so far?

Why this jeep is named Land Cruiser? Let’s find out the answers to 20 such questions:

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1: The first Toyota Land Cruiser model arrived in August 1951, which was originally similar to the American Jeep.

2: Different models of Land Cruiser have been available in more than 170 countries of the world since 1951.

3: Toyota has sold 14 million Land Cruisers from 1951 to 2021 and has an annual output of about 300,000 units.

4: This car is considered one of the safest cars in the world.

5: Land cruisers have also been used for various disaster relief activities such as earthquakes, floods,s or evacuation from war zones.

6: Not only Land Cruiser Station Wagon Jeeps but also trucks were made by Toyota.

7: The first model of Land Cruiser was named BJ which was a four-wheel-drive jeep. The jeep also has a record of climbing to the sixth point of Mount Fiji.

8: BJ was made in Japan to be used as a police patrol car.

9: In 1954, BJ was renamed Land Cruiser because the copyrights named ‘Jeep’ were owned by the ‘Willis’ company.

10: In 1955 came the Land Cruiser Series 20 model for civilian use.

11: The 1960 Land Cruiser 40 series can still be seen successfully operating in the mountains of Pakistan. For 24 years this model was at the height of its popularity around the world under the name ‘Forty’. After that 55 and 60 models were brought to the market.

12: Land Cruiser 70 is introduced in 1984.

13: The 80 Series Model Land Cruiser, launched in 1989, is considered the most successful model ever. Later series 100, 120, 150, and 200 were launched.

14: The first model of Pradoland Cruiser came in 1990 which is considered to be a relatively light-duty model. It was a relatively small and inexpensive variant of the typical Land Cruiser.

15: The model introduced at the 70th anniversary of the Toyota Land Cruiser in 2021 is called the 300 Series and is built following the series 80, 100, and 200 models.

16: Toyota’s 300 Series New Land Cruiser weighs 200 kg less than the previous model.

17: Toyota Land Cruiser is available in 3.5-liter petrol and 3.3-liter diesel engine which has been launched with a V6 engine.

18: The Land Cruiser LC300 was not offered for sale in the US as the LC200 did not sell well in the US. There, the model will be introduced in the form of Lexus.

19: Delivery of Toyota Land Cruiser worldwide will be possible four years after booking, according to the website Motor One.

20: The cost of this car (LC300) in the UAE is around 20 million Pakistani rupees.


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