We have made it clear that Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association (PPDA) is going on a nationwide strike on November 25, due to which all petrol pumps across the country will remain closed ie people will not get petrol tomorrow.

In contrast, the ban will not apply to ambulances and Rescue 1122 vehicles.

The good news is that Pakistan State Oil (PSO), one of the leading petrol supply companies, has stated that its company-owned petrol pumps (COCO) will remain open during the strike.

Petrol Pumps Owned by PSO Company:

According to the official website of PSO, there are 23 petrol stations owned by PSO in the country and the bad news for the citizens of Lahore is that none of these petrol pumps are in Lahore while Faisal One in Hyderabad, one in Hyderabad, two in Multan, one in Quetta, five in Rawalpindi, four in Peshawar, two in Sukkur and seven in Karachi.

Here is a list of petrol pumps that will be open on November 25:

Apart from the above, all petrol stations will remain closed from November 25 till further notice.

The nationwide strike is related to the low-profit margins of petrol dealers. The association wants the government to increase the profit margin of dealers in petroleum sales from 2% to 6%.

If not, they will close the fuel station and ask the government to revoke their petrol pump licenses. With the revocation of the license, about 50% of the petrol pumps will be closed permanently because no one will re-apply for the acquisition.


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