He is a small child from the Paktika province of Afghanistan who arrived at the governor’s office of Paktika with a smile today. He was busy with security and search. He said, he wants to meet the governor and tell him about his problems, which surprised everyone. He took the child to the governor and told the problem to the governor himself.

Many people demand such type of system in this country Pakistan where even a small child of the country can ask questions to the governor, minister, and advisor. He can go to the offices of any minister or advisor at any time to solve his problems and ask them questions. So of course all the problems of Pakistanis can be solved.

For this, there should be an Islamic presidential system of the same style and there should be Islamic laws, economy, and society, and such immediate free and proper work should be done.

All this is impossible till the Day of Judgment with the present false religion of Satanism and for this, it is necessary to change the system, and instead, we are talking about the Islamic presidential system for us. No, we are interested in ideology for our own purpose.


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