This is great news for Windows users: they will finally be able to install a whole new application to use WhatsApp, which is very different from WhatsApp desktop.

The app is so beautiful and amazing to read the basics.

Note that this app uses a multi-device, so your phone does not need to be connected to the Internet for this to work.

There’s more to announce today than just Linux: We at TechBrack can also confirm that WhatsApp is working on a new application to release on MacOS Catalyst. how it is possible?

You may not know it, but Apple allows the use of synced iPad apps on Mac OS Catalyst, and WhatsApp is going to enable support at a later date: they’re working on it right now!

What does the MacOS app look like? Just like the iPad app we saw a while ago. They have the same interface, but the WhatsApp for macOS Catalyst will have some UI improvements: they need to use the app properly on the desktop interface.

Obviously, we have to wait for the release of the iPad app, and unfortunately there is no known release date.

Being under development, things can change fast, so we are following development and if there is any news we are going to tell you.


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