Precaution is said to be better than cure but are face masks really helpful in protecting against corona virus?

The use of face masks during the corona virus epidemic has become commonplace around the world to protect people from contracting code 19.

But so far it has not been clear to what extent these seemingly ordinary masks can protect people from Code 19.

It has now been discovered that when people use face masks, the risk of getting infected with code is reduced by 53%.

This was revealed in the first global study in this regard.

Vaccines are safe and effective in saving lives but do not provide 100% protection, while in most countries not every citizen has been vaccinated so far and it is not yet clear whether the vaccines will stop the spread of emerging strains of the corona virus or no.

That is why this new comprehensive analysis examines the precautionary measures considered to be effective against cod, including the use of face masks, social distance and the rate of protection from disease by washing hands.

Research has shown that the use of face masks, social distance and hand washing are effective measures to reduce the rate of all code cases, but face masks are the most effective.

A team of medical experts from Australia, China and the United Kingdom examined 72 research reports on the precautions to be taken during an epidemic.

He later looked at eight research reports focusing on hand washing, wearing face masks and social distance.

In six research reports on face masks, researchers found 53% of cod cases.

He said that the use of face masks reduces the spread of corona virus, cases and deaths.

A study of 200 countries found that where the use of face masks was mandatory, the negative effects of Code 19 were reduced by about 46%.

Another study in the United States found that the spread of corona virus decreased by 29% in states where the use of face masks was mandatory.

But the research team did not analyze factors such as the effects of face mask types, the duration of wearing face masks or the adherence to the ban on wearing Facebook.

Examining five research reports on social distance, the researchers found that this precautionary measure could reduce the rate of code 19 by up to 25%.

Similarly, a 53% reduction in cod cases was also found with hand washing, but the results were not considered significant because the number of research reports in this regard was low.

The researchers said that the results were consistent with the research that has been done so far, meaning that the use of face masks and social distance reduces the spread of the virus.

But he said more research is needed, especially when vaccines are available and more infectious forms of corona are becoming more common.

He said further research was needed to evaluate the effectiveness of these precautions when vaccination rates would increase.

But he added that further control of the Code 19 epidemic could depend not only on vaccinations and their efficacy, but also on existing precautions.

The results of the study were published in the medical journal British Medical Journal.


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