Thousands of pages of Facebook’s internal documents have surfaced, sparking outrage among employees over the escalation of violence on social media platforms.

The documents were in the possession of Frances Hughes, a former Facebook employee who has made several revelations about Facebook in recent weeks.

He provided the US Senate with evidence of alleged threats from Facebook in early October 2021.

These threats ranged from harmful effects on the personality of young people to the promotion of political violence.

The documents have now reached the media and several new revelations have emerged.

A consortium of 17 US media outlets has begun publishing documents called Facebook Papers.

The reports highlight a number of issues within Facebook, including the lack of popularity of the social network among young people, its ability to curb hateful content, and the treatment of politicians.

Reports of some internal documents have already been published by media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal.

Now, in new reports, Bloomberg and The Verge say that the documents prove that Facebook is losing popularity among young users and is eager to get their attention again.

The Financial Times reported that Facebook employees had urged the administration not to grant moderation exemptions to politicians and celebrities.

According to the New York Times, internal documents prove that there is tension within the company over whether to retain or remove the Like and Share buttons.

The Washington Post quoted sources as saying that Mark Zuckerberg personally signed the censorship demands from the Vietnamese government.

According to Politico, the purpose of the Facebook documents is to prove the company’s dominance in the market.

According to the Associated Press, Facebook documents show that the lack of moderation in different languages ​​has affected various tissues, including the prevention of terrorism and hate speech.

NBC reported a discussion among employees within the company, indicating that they were not happy with the company’s inadequate response to hateful and misleading content.

The Atlantic quotes documents that show that Facebook employees have raised concerns about the company’s role in undermining democracy and its role in the January 6 violent riots in Washington, to which the leadership failed to respond.

Wired also reported that Facebook is having difficulty moderating content in several Arabic dialects.

CNN said the documents show that Facebook was not prepared for the January 6 riots in Washington.


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