Facebook has tightened its security policy after several cases of harassment and intimidation were dropped, but complaints continue.

In this regard, the policies are changed by the fee while the users are also informed about the Facebook policies from time to time.

Facebook has recently added another security feature for people who have a lot of friends and followers on Facebook.

According to the company, the reason for disabling Facebook Protect for the account is that your account is likely to be accessed by more people than the average Facebook user.

The company said the Advanced Security program needs to be enabled to protect these accounts.

Method to Turn On “Two-Factor Authentication”

To disable it, open Facebook and go to Settings and click on Security & Privacy.

At the top, you will see the Facebook Protect option, click on the Get Started button.

If you have already adopted 2FA, there will be a checkmark on the Advanced Security Protection option and the other option will be to completely disable Facebook Protect.

If the company thinks that there is no problem, then there will be a green check on both the options, and just click on Finish and Facebook Protect will be disabled.


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